Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Slice Of My Day

Usually I bring an idea to the computer.  But this time I thought I’d type on the fly--because windows of quietness don’t wait for fully formed ideas, right?    

I know, it’s probably reaching too far to write two posts in one week with three boys in the house.  But at the moment, all three are occupied elsewhere in the house.    

The squeak of my chair usually calls the boys to stare over my shoulder, and ask what I’m doing, and pull up a stool.  Their goal?  Either hijack my computer, or hang out until I give up.

I spoke too soon.

My little guy is heading my way.  I’m sure he’s hoping to catch me looking up LEGO sets on Amazon for his birthday.  Hah! 

However, this screen doesn’t seem to discourage him.

He is now climbing up my back and wedging himself between my back and the chair while I type.  And blocking the air from the fan.  That air was feeling good, too.

My 13 year old just pulled up his stool to my right.  Do I know my kids???  Lol!

Sigh.  It’s not easy to type with a boy draped across your left shoulder. 

“You are soft like a puppy, mom.”  My little guy has his cheek mushed up against mine.  His chin on my shoulder.  I hear a chuckle from the peanut gallery on my right. 

“Hmm.  A puppy, huh?”  :)

“You’re warm, too.  Do you know that, Mom?

Sigh.  I’m glad I didn’t have anything important to post about.

  “…MOM!  I said you’re warm.”

“No, actually, I’m hot, and sweaty.”

“Mom, click on that.”  My oldest says, pointing to a slip of a window sticking out in the corner.  “I want to see what that LEGO set looks like up closer.”  It’s an attempted high-jacking in progress. 

“Not right now.” 

“What?  You’re blogging?  What are you writing about?”  And here would come the staring over my right shoulder.

“It’s rude to read over my shoulder.”  I remind him.

“Oh.  Sorry.  When you’re done, can you click on that picture?”  He grins big.  Like that will work.  

“You have a lot of freckles.”  My little guy is now running his finger up and down my arm.  “In fact, I could point just about anywhere and be right. on. one.”  You should hear the amazement in his voice.

All right.  He’s examining my arm like it’s crawling with bugs and he’s cracking me up.


“Or here.”

“Or here.”  He has now crawled around to my my lap and is pointing to my nose, his face inches from mine.  Typing blindly is not something I like to make a habit of doing.  Lol!

“Mom, can I have a fudge round?”  That would be my 12 year old calling from the kitchen.

Umph! My little guy is sitting on my bladder full of diet coke.  Yep.  Not good.

“Mom, want to play a game of Mile Bornes?”  My 13 year old is now pacing in boredom to my right.   Obviously, waiting for me to get done. 

This is my life, friends.  :) Full of half thoughts, distractions and hijackings.  And hardly a complete thought to be had. 

I only have about one month left before the little guy in my lap heads off to school for first grade.  He’ll be gone all day every day.  Just like his big brothers.  Sigh. 

I think I’ll go play another game of something with the boys. 

Blogging something deep can wait. :)

What’s filling your summer days??

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The Real Me! said...

I loved this! I could have written this. Ha! Ha! I've yet to complete a thought since my kids were born. I'm sure my blog will benefit from it when I finally can. Ha!

Loved looking into a small glimpse of your day my friend. Keep it coming!