Monday, July 18, 2011

Prayer For My Mom


As I type, my mom is in surgery getting a brand new knee.  And I’m praying all goes well.

When she was a little girl, she and her sisters often rode the train into Philadelphia after school from their suburban home in Paoli, Pennsylvania.  Her mother worked in the city, and her older sisters were in charge until she got off work.

Obviously, things were different back then.  But it was still a busy city.  And one day while trying to cross the road alone, she was hit by a car. 

Her leg was badly injured and doctors didn’t have the kind of equipment they do today.  They had no way of knowing how much damage was done to her knee.  And even if they had, I’m not sure what they would have done.

In fact, no one knew until just a few years ago when she fell at work.  The tests she underwent showed that several tendons were simply gone.  She had favored that leg all those years for a very good reason!

There is never a good time to undergo knee surgery.  My dad depends on her to help him with some of his most basic needs.  However, the doctors finally told her, it is now or never.  You need to decide.

As scared as she is, I’m so glad she chose to have the surgery.  I know that her recovery will probably be much more difficult than it is for most.  But I’m proud of her decision.  And I know Dad will do just fine.

Pray for the doctors and their wisdom.  And pray that Mom will do better than anyone could hope.  I won’t know anything until this evening.  But I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks, friends!


The Real Me! said...

Praying for a flawless surgery and speedy recovery my friend!

Mari said...

Praying for her! My Dad had one last year and is so glad he did. With the damage she's lived with all these years, she'll be like a new woman!

Penny said...

Praying for your mom today, for the recovery after. I know you wish you could be there, so praying for you too.