Friday, July 22, 2011

One Of Our Favorite Games

How can you go wrong with a card game all about an auto race when you are trying to entertain boys indoors out of the heat? 

Mille Bornes (translated “thousand milestones”) was one of my favorite games growing up.  It’s an imaginary cross-country race through France where you race your opponent to lay down 1000 miles in cards.  Mile Bornes

The best part is being able to sabotage your opponents by playing a flat tire, out of gas, accident or stop light on their hand! 

You should see my boys high-five each other when one of them puts me out of commission.  It’s not right.  Seriously not right.

Yesterday, they kept me to a measly 50 miles the whole stink’n time.  Lol!  You really have to have a sense of humor.  :)

The game we have is extra special because it is one of the original games published in 1961.  It belonged to my mom’s parents and has my grandfather’s shaky handwriting on the box.Writing on the boxHe wrote notes on nearly everything he owned about who gave it to them, when, and for what.  My mom’s sister gave them this game as a Christmas present in 1967.

It’s fun to look at the old score sheets on which they recorded notes from the last game they played.  I love imagining them playing this game before I was even born! 

You can still buy the game today.  I did a quick search on Amazon and saw several versions listed.* If you have never played it, it’s a lot of fun.  It only takes about ten minutes to learn and can provide hours of family fun!

I whole-heartedly recommend it!

*I’m not an Amazon affiliate or anything.  I just thought I’d include a link to this fun game.  You might be able to find a better deal elsewhere.

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The Real Me! said...

Oh this is so funny! My BFF has this game that her son bought for her and I actually remember playing it years ago but after reading the instructions we couldn't make heads nor tales of it. LOL!
I may have to take the instructions home and concentrate a little more on it because I remember it being fun.
Thanks for the reminder.