Thursday, July 21, 2011

Are You Surviving The Heat??


We recently discovered that McDonalds has a 49 cent ice cream cone!  That means all five of my tribe can enjoy cones for just $2.45 plus tax! And believe me, we’re taking advantage of the cheap treat every chance we get!  You are aware, aren’t you, that all roads lead past McDonalds?  Lol!  (Doesn’t this cone look like Junior Asparagus from Veggie Tales?)

Today the forecasted high will break 100 degrees.  Even swimming at our neighbors’ pool can offer no relief.  With the water no cooler than the air, we quickly decided yesterday to head back inside. 

Not that we didn’t appreciate the invitation! 

But jeepers! 

It’s hot! 

So, we are playing lots of games.  Not video games, mind you—they add way too much heat to the area we are trying to keep cool.  But mostly card games.  I hope to do a post later and show you some of our favorites.  Some of them came from my mom’s mom. 

Speaking of my mom, I haven’t heard anything new today.  However, last night, she was pretty frustrated with the lack of sleep she was getting in the hospital.  You know how noisy it can be all through the night.

Anyway, she was to be transferred sometime today to the rehab center.  And as luck would have it, AT&T has decided to disconnect our land line for some reason.  Even they can’t tell us why.  Though they promised to send someone out to check it next Tuesday. How can that be right?

Anyway, I need to make a trip down the road and find enough signal to call Dad on my cell. 

Stay cool friends!  And thank you so much for your prayers for mom!  I’ll let you know when I know more.

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Mari said...

Glad your Mom has made it to Rehab. Hopefully she will get more sleep there - at least they aren't checking your vitals every 4 hours!
We're hot too and of all things we lost our electricity yesterday. I guess a critter got into a substation, knocking out power to 3 counties! It was off for 7 hours and it got pretty hot in our house. No air, no fans and even no water because we have a well. Today I'm thankful for working electric!