Wednesday, December 1, 2010

And All Life Ends…

Or does it?  Monday, somewhere in the middle of the night, we suffered what some would call a significant loss.  It wasn’t readily apparent when I rolled out of bed. 

But rather the magnitude of the event revealed itself throughout the day as I discovered one thing after another.  Gone. 

First, the computers, and the server were all shut down.  Or frozen.  That was odd. 

Then later, the bedroom TV and it’s receiver wouldn’t power on.

“What’s with that?”  I thought.

When my little guy told me he couldn’t get the Wii to come on, I got a kind of sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.

As I had done with in the bedroom, I checked power supplies, reset things, and unplugged them for several minutes.  But nothing worked. 

From there, with dread, I systematically went through the house checking appliances and devices.

Sadly, the old Playstation 2 (which the boys bought with their own money off of Craig’s List) was gone, too. 

In a nutshell, that we know of so far, we lost three receivers, possibly two TVs, a Wii, and a Playstation. 

Thankfully, my husband is getting the computer stuff back up and running.  And the fridge and freezer still work. 

The only thing I can think of is that we encountered a major power surge. 

I dreaded telling the boys when they got home from school.  Surely for teenagers and preteens alike, all life ends with no TV or video games. 

But they handled it better than I did, even knowing that it will be some time before any of it can be replaced or repaired. 

In fact, they’re finding incredibly annoying creative ways to entertain themselves.  Last night, my 11 year-old sat upside down on the couch and watched me read.  When I found it difficult to concentrate and put down the book, several bored out of their mind boys followed me to the computer to look over my shoulder.  And eventually take over the keyboard.  And my seat.    

This afternoon, when I told them they could not play poker, not even for marshmallows, they and their friends gathered in the game room to hold bodily function contests.   

Lord have mercy.

It would seem that all life does NOT end.  But my sanity is about to give up the ghost.


Mari said...

Oh no! That's awful. Glad they have good imaginations though!

Anonymous said...

Soo glad your fridge and freezer works... hate to think of all that food going ot waste.

Hang in there, mom!! :)