Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sweet Porch Progress!

This past weekend, my husband finished building the deck under our new little porch!  It looks really nice!

New Little Porch

And we are already loving it!  Sitting right here, we can now watch the boys play soccer in the yard.  And the weather has been just perfect! This is one of the views.  :)

Porch viewAfter the boys are in bed, we’ve been sneaking back out to sit for a spell.  I wish the warm fall nights could last forever!  Last night we listened to several barred owls calling back and forth to each other.  We also heard a pack of coyotes not far off in the woods. 

I really enjoy living out in the country.

Later this week, my boys have a soccer tournament.  They went undefeated during the season, and we very proud of how they all worked together.  It promises to be a fun soccer-filled weekend!

Then, next Wednesday, my parents are driving in from Pennsylvania for a visit.  The boys have off from school Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for fall break.  So it will be a fun time of visiting!  I suspect there will be checker tournaments and campfires, scrabble games and movie nights. 

After all the long hours and hard work we’ve been putting in on the porch projects, we’re excited to be able to just “hang out” next week. 

If I get time today, I want to take some pictures of the bargain I found at Menards!  I’m not telling you what it is, but I’ll give you a hint.  It’s made of wood and will be the perfect place in which to enjoy the fall leaves around the pond.  :)


Mari said...

I'm pretty jealous of that porch and the view! You will really enjoy it.
PS - my guess is a Gazebo!

Christina said...

Sounds perfectly, delightfully lovely.