Friday, October 8, 2010

Our New Roof…Before and After Pictures

Wednesday morning, a crew of 12 roofers descended on our house.  Plus several boss men. 

In a matter of minutes, we realized that replacing the fascia boards while they worked was going to be extremely hard.  We would never be able to keep up! 

Especially when, minutes after starting, my husband had an accident on the ladder!  One of the 16 foot boards, which he was removing from above the garage, pulled off unexpectedly.  It took him and the ladder down to the cement in a hurry. 

Besides his foot, arm and shoulder, he conked his head pretty good. 

It was NOT a good way to start the day!

In spite of my worries, and determined to keep going,  he went right back to work.

Ten minutes later, four friends in tool belts showed up to lend a hand.  Our neighbors are SO wonderful!  I can’t even begin to tell you how thankful I was to see them!

Although my husband worked along with them for a few hours, by noon he had no choice but to sit down.  His foot was hurting a lot.   My nurse friend felt pretty sure it wasn’t broken, which is good.  Because there was no way I was going to convince him to leave while all this work was going on.

Thankfully, all the work we hoped to accomplish was finished by yesterday afternoon. 

Here are a few before and after pictures of the work.  I think the new roof and trim look nice!

Front: Before new trim and roof.

Front Red Roof

Front: After.

Front Green Roof

Back: Before porch and new roof.

Back No Porch Red Roof

Back: After.

Back Green Roof

Our porches aren’t finished.  But we’re thankful to be this far.

*  *  *

My husband returned to work this morning.  He is still limping around on that foot.  If it doesn’t start getting better soon, I’m going to have to drag him in get it checked out.  Pray for wisdom there.  He really hates to go to the doctor.  What man doesn’t??

Thank you all so much for your prayers!

And have a wonderful weekend!


Mari said...

It looks great! Hope your hubby starts doing better. Men really do procrastinate about going to the Dr!

Christina said...

It looks great! What a nice feeling it must be to have that new roof over your heads before winter.

I hope your husband gets better quickly and that there are no ongoing problems as a result of his fall! Praying...

the voice of melody said...

I'm sorry to hear your husband was hurt. I hope he gets his foot checked out if it's still bothering him. I'm sure it's no fun to be limping around, but I pray he is already doing much better by now. :)

Brendan Gertner said...

I love the transformation! You certainly made a good decision in choosing a green colored roof; it just contributes a lot to the rural appeal of the place. Now I miss my country home! >.< ^.^

- Brendan

Bronwyn Hass said...

Your husband is such a dedicated man! It’s good to have someone who’s willing to do work around the house. Just remind him to be more careful next time and to know and keep within his limits. How’s everything so far? Hope the roof is holding up nicely. That dark blue shade made your home look sophisticated. Good choice!

Bronwyn Hass