Monday, August 9, 2010

Here’s The Scoop…

Big Scoop

Can you believe the size of this thing?  This is what my neighbor has rented to move the mountain of dirt created when he dug the pond that borders our backyard.

Dirt Pile

If you look past the trees in this spring picture, to the other side of the bank, you’ll see the mountain I’m talking about.  Much wider than it is tall, there literally is (was) a mountain of dirt there. 

After a full week of moving dirt, the pile is definitely going down.  I’ll try to get pictures of the progress and the finished area soon.  And maybe show you where some of the dirt went…

The picture of the boys in the scoop is one I took when he brought the machine over to our yard to pluck out a couple stumps for us.  Those stumps didn’t stand a chance.  Lol!  It only took him a minute or so and the stumps were history!Stumps

Obviously, there has been lots of entertainment for the boys.  :) 

Who doesn’t love big equipment?

Today, we’re heading over the the public pool with some friends.  We haven’t been there for a couple of years, and the boys are excited to see the recent renovations. 

Then it’s home, eat dinner, and run out the door to soccer practice.

What are you doing with your last few weeks of summer?  Anything exciting???


Mari said...

I love that shot! I bet your boys have had such fun watching this thing work. :)
No plans for now, we're saving our time till Andy comes home in September

The Real Me! said...

We were actually going to start homeschooling today but both my boys are battling colds. Oy!
And my boys, including my husband, loves big work equipment! I think it's instilled in them
Have a great rest of your day my friend.

Honey Mommy said...

My boys would LOVE to sit in the bucket of that big bulldozer! Plus they would watch it for hours.