Friday, May 21, 2010


Six years ago, we planted this climbing rose in front of our porch.  I anticipated beautiful things, but it never bloomed.  Not once.  Last fall, I finally decided to move it to a new location where it would get more light.

And I was rewarded with our first bud!

My rose bloom

Here it is in full bloom.

My rose bloom 2

I’m thinking it was worth the wait.  This giant beauty is a good five inches across.


Six years ago, my middle son started Kindergarten. 

Last night we went to his fifth grade recognition program.  A Proud Moment Here he is receiving an award for maintaining at least an A/B average throughout his entire school career.  We are so proud of all his hard work.

All of those times we struggled through homework were worth this moment.

Endings and Beginnings

He may be moving on to middle school, but his little brother will be starting Kindergarten next year.  Our involvement at this elementary school will be seamless. 

In fact, when the next six years bring this little guy’s elementary school career to an end, we will have been involved at this school for 13 straight years.  13 years!  I sure hope our impact will have been a positive one!

School leaves out next Thursday for the summer.  Only six more days to go.  Boy, the year went fast!

When does school leave out for you?


Michele said...

What a Beautiful flower!!! Time goes by way to fast doesn't it, I had posted couple days ago my oldest prom pictures it was his girlfriends senior prom , he will be a senior next year, my middle son going into the 8th grade and my little guy will be going to the first grade. Ours kiddos last day is June 4. I cant wait to have them home.

Have wonderful weekend,

The Real Me! said...

Beautiful rose my friend. I kill then so I don't even bother getting them any more.
And congrats to your son on his A/B grades.
My son has that same shirt! LOL! Just thought you'd want to know that we have the same taste in our boys clothes. LOL!

Cheryl Jordan said...

I can relate to your post, Six. Six years ago our middle son started school in our tiny consolidated school district. Thursday evening he will graduate high school, with his grandfather Paul and Aunt Kathy in attendance.

When this child started school here, it was his first time ever in school as we had been homeschooling. He would come home talking about all his new friends, but he could never remember their names! luckily that has changed.

Congratulations to your son. Hope your boys have a great summer!

Mari said...

That rose is gorgeous! And, congrats to your son!