Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Passing On The Blessings

My dear friend down the street called yesterday, saying, “Hey, do you know if Goodwill takes beds and mattresses?”  The next thing you know, I was de-cluttering, cleaning, and re-arranging furniture.

A New BedMy youngest son now has a “big boy” bed. 

I remember before how hard it was (for me) to see him go from the crib to the toddler bed.  And this proved to be another one of those mixed emotion things for me.

It was SO tempting to drag his toddler bed back in when he cried big crocodile tears over this bed being too big and feeling different

However, you would have been proud of me as I pasted on a smile and told him how much better this bed was.  How his daddy would now be able to sit on the bed next to him to read bedtime stories, instead of having to sit on the floor beside the bed. 

Inside, though, I was feeling just like him.

Kids grow fast.  Sometimes too fast for a mama’s heart to keep up with all the changes.

This morning, when I paused by his door, I was struck again at how tiny he looked curled up in that great big bed.  But, with his feet hanging off the toddler bed, it was definitely time for this change.  And I thanked God for friends and blessings.

Another friend recently gave me two bags of clothing her son had outgrown.  I felt silly when I cried at her offer.  But it meant I could cross off one big item from my “to buy” list. 

God has been like that lately.  He has been meeting needs and sending encouragement, leaving me speechless at His perfect timing.

So yesterday, I felt inspired to pass on the blessing.  I have several boxes of boys’ clothes that I was thinking of trying to sell.  But instead, I impulsively called around and found a family that will greatly appreciate them.  

And it felt wonderful.

Why do I hang on to things?  Why do I let so much “stuff” clutter my house, and pack my closets?  God could be using those things to bless someone else who needs them. 

I’m determined to sort through more closets today and see what else I can pass on.  It’s raining buckets, so even if I wanted to, I couldn’t work outside.  I guess it’s God’s way of keeping me on task.  :)

Want to join me in my journey to de-clutter?


Christina said...

Aw...your little guy look so cute in his big boy bed. ; ) I am always thankful for blessings like that; when God provides the exact thing we've been needing at the perfect time.

Mari said...

Hooray for another step for him. It sure is hard for us Mom's though!
I've been cleaning things out in our basement, so I'm with you in this de-clutter journey!

Olivia said...

Cute bed!
Just passed on a "Sweet Blog" award to you over at Of Such is the Kingdom. Thanks for writing a great blog!