Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The New Pond Fountain

Pond Fountain

Our neighbor recently added a fountain to the pond outback, and we get to enjoy it, too.  Isn’t it pretty? 

The water level is slowly coming up, and he has already stocked it with hundreds of fish.  Bass, bluegill, and catfish.  The boys and I are going to love fishing back here.  At night, we are enjoying the sound of the bull frogs which have moved in, as well.

I think I’m going to keep my eyes open for one of those timber swings to set along the bank. 

I’m so ready for the lazy days of summer! 

Tomorrow is the last day of school for the boys, and then we get to sleep in—my favorite part of summer!!!!!!!

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Christina said...

Beautiful! I can just imagine how much fun you all will have this summer!

Cascia said...

That is beautiful. Don't you just love summer!

Mari said...

Your yard is more like a park all the time!

Sandy@Jesus and Dark Choc said...

Those lazy days of summer sound so inviting right now!! Love the pond fountain, I just love your yard! :)

Petula said...

I'm going to be happy to have at least one sleep in day every 10 days.... LOL... that is the best thing about summer even if the kids do have something to do.