Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Camping Out In My Own House

Lately, I’ve been scarce in the blogosphere.  Last week, our family did its best to catch up on things put on hold while my husband was away.

And this week, my husband is on his last (he promised) business trip. 

I’d like to say all is going just fine.  However, although nothing catastrophic or life threatening has gone wrong…

Would you believe the tank alarm for the sewer pump sounded the day after he left?  I almost looked around for the candid camera team.

Unfortunately, the sewer pump definitely needs a man’s attention.  A commodity on which I’m short at the moment.

So I have two choices. 

I could call the sewer guys (again) to come out, and pay them big bucks to find and fix whatever is wrong. 

Or, we could live “camp style” until Saturday when my husband can look at it and replace whatever is broken himself. 

There is a limited amount of room left in the tank that I could use very sparingly. 

But, it’s a really really tough decision for several reasons.

  1. Boys hardly get clean using a wash basin and wash cloth.
  2. The mountain range of growing laundry piles are depressing to look at.
  3. Abandoning the dish washer means spending precious time doing dishes by hand and lugging the water outside afterwards.
  4. Limiting toilet flushes is fine in theory, but rather hard in reality. 
  5. And lastly, I would love not to have this yucky job and a smelly family waiting for my husband when he gets home. 
  6. BUT, and here’s the struggle, I also hate to pay someone to do what my husband is capable of doing.  Especially when we want to save every penny we can for our camper fund. 

The boys and I have made it through one day so far of “camping out” in our own home.  But we have three more days at least to go. 

It’s funny how much we take for granted.  Now that I’m running outside to check on the water level in the sewer tank, I’ll never EVER take a toilet flush or an extra long shower for granted again! 

So, friends, if I don’t show up here or at your blog much this week, I hope you’ll understand.  BELIEVE me, I’d much rather be visiting with you than having my hands in a dish pan or worse. 

I’m really looking forward to the day when I have more to post about than sticky tree frogs and sewer tanks.  And I bet you are, too!  Lol!

Thanks for sticking with me anyway!


Mari said...

I think there are things in your household just waiting to do something whenever your husband leaves.
I hope you can make it through a few more days of camping!

Penny said...

Now that I've read this I will officially STOP complaining about the boil water advisory I'm under. :o) Hang in there, girl - or ditch it all, and take a drive East to come see me!

It Feels Like Chaos said...

God wanted me to see this tonight! My husband is out of town and I've had the busiest day with the kids and usually he does the dinner dishes and I've been feeling sorry for myself having to do them tonight after such an exhausting/trying day. But, now I'm thankful to be able to do them with running water! So sorry for your hardship, though, and praying for God to ease your load!

Anonymous said...

Bless.... although, the Candid Camera crew made me chuckle.

Hope all is well... ((hugs))