Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Trash…To Side Table Treasure

I didn’t forget my walk around the yard.  I’m thinking of going tomorrow.  Want to join me?  Bring a cup of coffee and enjoy some spring beauty with me on our stroll!

But I’ve been meaning to tell you about one of my successful little projects.  A while back I told you how I found a GROSS and totally GROWING glass of tea??? behind that black bowl chair on the bookshelf?  It was gross.  Trust me.

I vowed to find a little side table so we would have a place to set drinks right out in the open.  Where they wouldn’t get forgotten.

Side Table Then, not more than a week later, the boys and I were out for a walk (in the snow, no less!) and I saw this cute little square table in a neighbor’s trash.  That’s it, above.

I carried that thing all the way down the road, with my boys laughing at me and putting some distance between us.  But I was sure I could fix it.  All that was wrong with it was a very wobbly leg.  The screws had pulled through the particle board.

Side Table Salvage

So I took it apart and used wood glue and a couple of clamps to reconstruct the top of the leg.  Then I carefully drilled new holes in slightly different places, applied a layer of wood glue to the joint, and screwed it together again. 

It fits perfectly in the little spot next to the rocker, and now we don’t forget the drinks we carry into the TV room!  And you certainly can’t beat the price!

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The Real Me! said...

You go girl! Terrific job!
You should be proud of yourself. I know I am.

Christina said...

How clever! I love seeing your DIY fix-it projects.