Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We’re Looking For A Pup!

A Pop Up Camper that is!  I understand Pup is what established pop up owners call their beloved tent campers.  And since I hope to join their numbers soon, I’m trying out the jargon.  :)

[Coleman Popup Camper[3].jpg]

Ever since we spoiled ourselves rotten last fall by borrowing a friend’s pop up trailer, I have had a dream.  A dream of someday finding one we could call our own. 

There are tons of home improvement projects on our to do list.  However, our boys are only little once.  And we want to take advantage of the time while they still like spending time with us!  Lol! 

So, last week, we dove into the frenzy (NO UNDERSTATEMENT) of spring RV shoppers and we’re getting quite the education.

Here are a few things we’ve learned so far:

  1. Research.  Talk to Pup owners.  Surf PopUpPortal, a forum for pop up owners and soon-to-be owners.  It’s a TREASURE trove of invaluable information!
  2. Know what you’re looking for.  How many beds, what sizes, what appliances, etc., will your family actually need?  We looked at a beautifully maintained pop up and were sorely tempted.  However, the bottom line was, it was too small.  Three boys, a rainy weekend, and not enough personal space spelled stress to me. 
  3. Keep your eye on your local Craig’s list.  It’s a great place to shop and could save you money.  But I warn you, if you see something you even think you might like to look at, don’t dally.  Send an email.  Make a call.  Sellers usually show the item in the order of contacts.  We’ve missed out on several great deals because we didn’t call right away. 
  4. Use NADA Guides.  Check NADA’s values on makes, models and years with similar amenities before making any offers.  Their approximate values can keep you grounded and help you decide on a reasonable offer.
  5. Note any damage you find on campers you are considering and how much it will cost to repair it.  Talk to a local dealer’s service center for a reality check.  Small patches are minor.  Rotten floors and sagging roofs are major.  Keep repair costs in mind when making offers.

That’s all, so far.  We welcome any advice you can offer and would appreciate your prayers for wisdom in our search.

We are presently considering a 96 Coleman by Fleetwood, Key West.  It’s a repo unit, and the repo company is still trying to get a key made.  So we haven’t been inside.  But they do have it popped up for display. 

Size-wise, it’s a dream.  Peaking under the flaps, we can see the interior is like new and would work great for us.  However, there are some obvious repairs we would need to make.  And a roof we are unsure of.  It looks as though the unit hit something or had tree limb damage.  We need to look more closely at that and check for any unseen water damage on the inside.  Pray for wisdom. 

I’ll keep you updated on our fun!


Anonymous said...

When our family was 'young' (when our sons were small) we had a pop up camper. We loved it so much. It was great EXCEPT no toilet. I am a person who gets up at night often to use the toilet.
We used our pop up several years (we brought used for $500.00) then sold it for $750.00 to another friend...we got a trailer. We still have that 24ft travel trailer. Queen size bed, air conditioning, and a whole bathroom..our sons and now our grand children love to go camping with grandma and grandpa..

Roxie M from Round Rock Texas

Ellemes said...

I hope you find one you love! We got a travel trailer this year that we can't wait to use. I love camping.

Mari said...

We had a pop-up when our kids were young and really enjoyed it! It's a great way to take an economical vacation and enjoy time together as a family!

Keetha Denise Broyles said...

The pop up you have pictured looks exceedingly much like the one we own. We have never called ours a pup though - - - maybe we're just not "hip" enough.

Christina said...

That would be a wonderful addition to your family camping trips! I hope you find the perfect one soon.