Thursday, March 25, 2010

God’s Sense Of Humor (And Answered Prayers) In Our Pop Up Search

I told you we were looking at a repo Coleman Key West pop up camper, right? 

I spent hours researching specific problems online.  And we kept calling the place for three days to see if they had come up with a key.  

We liked the floor plan.  But we had noticed a few cracks, sags, broken zippers and small holes which could spell water damage to parts we couldn’t see yet.  So we were anxious to do a thorough inspection of all the cavities and floor spaces before deciding if this was our “dream” camper.

We prayed God would make it obvious when we went up to inspect the inside. 

As it turned out, the sellers took a deposit and sold it without ever calling us back.  The buyer must have bought it without checking the inside.  Wow.  Brave folks.  And sad me.

A little frustrated and kind of disappointed that we missed it,  I told the boys with more assurance than I felt, that God must have had a reason. 

Today, I found another one for sale online in the same model and year--located a little more than two hours away.  They wanted nearly seven hundred dollars more than the repo people had wanted for theirs.  So maybe this one was in better shape… 

I decided to give them a call and ended up leaving a message.

When the lady called me back, I realized…lol!…


She rambled on about how she had purchased this camper knowing it was a repo from a place (which she named) in Indy for a specified amount last week.   

She paid to have a key made, paid for the title and registration…and was paying for a fire marshal to come inspect the gas lines (really?), etc., etc., etc. And that’s why she was asking for more than she paid for it.

So I asked the obvious.  “Why are you selling it?” 

“I just realized it’s…too big.”

Like it somehow it grew after she purchased it.  I smelled something fishy.

I couldn’t resist asking her about specific problems we had noted, and you can imagine she was caught off guard.  She denied there were any such problems. 

Even after I told her I had looked at that very camper. 

Maybe she honestly hadn’t noticed.  I hope so.  I don’t like to think she was being dishonest. 

But even if she was, I feel a little bad for her.  She likely discovered some things the hard way.  (It’s raining buckets ‘round these parts.)

I feel even worse, though, for an unsuspecting buyer who takes her at her at her word. 

Just the same, I’m awful glad God answered our prayer.  And glad that this time, he settled the lingering doubts.  Why did I doubt Him?  Isn’t it just amazing how patient He is to go back and “explain” things for us “slow” learners?  :) 


Mari said...

I'm sorry this one didn't work out, but so glad you didn't find out after the fact! God was watching out for you!

The Real Me! said...

Man, I love it when He saves us from making a huge mistake. I wonder sometimes if we are to move even though all our intentions are great. Sometimes I wish I could just ask a yes or no question and get a direct answer. LOL!