Wednesday, January 6, 2010

See If You Can Figure Out…

…what it is we’re expecting.  extra wood

extra wood 2



Hot Chocolate

Any guesses before you scroll down further?

Shovels at the readyHow about now?



Did you guess a  snow day? 

If so, you’re right!  That, and some (more) really cold weather.forecast_640x480

My parents got the big east coast storm Christmas week and my boys were green with envy.  GREEN, I tell you.

So they were happy to finally see some accumulating snow in our forecast.  I’m a tad bit less enthusiastic.

Probably because I’m a planner and preparer.  I use lists and check them twice.  For me, snow spells work.  How about you?

I even make lists for other people, and help them plan.  It’s my specialty.

IF it is my turn to take the neighborhood children down to the bus stop and the weather is supposed to be bad, I like to help my husband plan his day so he can do the driving.  :) Isn’t that helpful of me? 

My husband, however, is out of town and his flight home tomorrow was just canceled. 

That leaves silly old me to get all the kids down to the bus stop and back.  Both for the junior high and the elementary school bus runs, which are scheduled an hour apart both morning and afternoon.

Understand, that our bus stop is almost a mile away down two steep hills and neither the county nor the state treat our road  (a home owners association draw-back).  The fact that there are two big hills, both with curves smack dab in the middle of them, make  a concerted neighborhood effort to keep the hills safe absolutely necessary.

So this afternoon, I checked the shed to see how our salt and sand supplies were doing.  Then I emailed a few neighbors to make sure someone had the plowing covered, and to check who was going to be around to help with spreading sand.

I made a list for my boys, too.  (Told you I was helpful!)

What were their (extra) chores?

  • Fill the wagon with wood.
  • Bring in the balls and toys from the yard.
  • Find the snow shovels and put them by the back door.
  • Put boots and heavy socks in a bag to drop at a friends house by the bus stop in the morning (if they have school).  Just in case the hills are too slick for me to come down and get them in the afternoon.  In which case they can (gasp!) walk back up.  You should have seen their faces when I told them that.  

With all that done, I think we’re ready.  Happy sigh.

Now we’ll see what tomorrow brings.  I’ll take pictures for you!  :)

I know that many of you are being impacted by this storm.  Tell me, what does snow mean for you??


Muthering Heights said...

I hope you do get the snow!! :)

The Real Me! said...

I blogged about the weather today too and so did a couple of my friends. It must be getting to all of us! LOL. But I live in Florida and it's not supposed to stay this cold for this long! LOL

Mari said...

Looks like you are ready and if it hits, you'll be glad you were a planner. I'll be waiting to hear what happens. We have snow predicted for the next 2 days, but not more than usual.

Raise Them Up said...

We got our snow day! And it was nice to sleep in. :)

So far, we only have about 3 inches. But it's still snowing.

My husband was able to schedule another flight for midnight tonight (with a 6 hour layover in Chicago). So let's hope things are running smoothly by then. :)

Genny said...

Looks so fun and cozy. Love the mugs. My kids are big fans of hot-chocolate when it's cold out. :)

Keetha Broyles said...

Did you get your snow day?

We got the snow - - - but we were already at school. We DID get to go home a little early, and that was NICE.

Beth@Not a Bow in Sight said...

It's very cold down here in Texas expected tomorrow!