Monday, December 7, 2009

Our First Little Snow And My Psychotic Cleaning

There is something kind of special about a winter’s first snow. Just ask my boys, who popped out of bed and rushed through their morning routines just to have a few minutes to “play”. I wish it would snow EVERY morning! Lol!
The snow will keep my little guy busy for hours! Which is a good thing, because I want to clean my house from top to bottom.

I’m afraid I’m one of those mom’s who doesn’t like to decorate a dirty house. And my house is dirty. There's just no sugar coating it. And just to be clear on how dirty our house is, you can write your name on just about any surface you like, (provided you clean your finger between letters).

That's partly because of our wood stove, and partly (probably mostly) because I haven’t dusted in ages.

I would LOVE to just drag out the decorations and cover up the dust. But even if I could sleep at nights knowing what I did, they probably wouldn't look very nice next to the piles of junk mail, dirty socks and LEGOs.

So today is the day. I'm going room by room, straightening up, vacuuming the floors, and removing the dust bunnies. I’ll also take a box with me and tuck away all the everyday knick-knacks to make room for the many, many Christmas decorations we’ve accumulated.

This before-Christmas-Cleaning for me is traditional, if not psychotic.

But I have to say, this cleaning spree is not far from the normal with me.

My mom always picked one room at a time to clean thoroughly every so often. She was very sensible.

But not me. I hate to drag out cleaning like that. If I’m going to get down and dirty and work up a sweat, I may as well do it all day and get it all done.

Besides, cleaning one room at this point won’t be enough. With three helpers anxious to help decorate, I haven’t a doubt that every room in the house will receive a healthy dose of Christmas.


Wish me happy cleaning, ladies! I’m turning on the Christmas music and diving in…

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Mari said...

I do the crazy cleaning thing before putting up my decorations too. Then I do it again when I take them down!