Monday, December 21, 2009

Let Me Take A Minute To Get The Crying Out Of My System

My heart is sick today. 

I’ve tried to put on a brave face for my husband.  He feels awful about what happened, even though it wasn’t his fault. 

But now, the tears are coming and I can’t stop them.

For 21 straight hours, he fought the stubborn drives of our crashed server (again) and unfortunately, he just couldn’t work a miracle. 

This time, I lost pictures. 

They are simply gone.

Of all the earthly things a mother cherishes, pictures rank near the very top.  Snapshots of life and love and milestones which cannot be recaptured.

I’ve been thankful for my blog before.  But never as much as today.  At least the pictures that I’ve posted here are safe.  I’ll be working to retrieve them and back them up at home. 

As I told him, it happens.  It’s a risk we take in a digital world.  But we’ll be much more careful about backing things up, now. 

Please, if you have picture files,  back them up.  Don’t push it off.  Make several hard copies and store them safely. 

I have lots to do but these tears were getting in the way.  I just needed to let them out so I could get on with the business of celebrating Jesus’ Birthday with my family.

Thanks, friends for letting me cry on your shoulders.  I feel a little better. 

You guys are the best.


Mari said...

I'm so sorry. I just purchased an external hard drive for that reason. I need to get busy backing pictures up. Thanks for the warning.

Kathy said...

So very sorry about this happening. What a good and timely caution for all of us to read. Blessings and Grace, KATHY

Christina said...

*hug* :-(

It Feels Like Chaos said...

So sorry that happened to you! You're right, pictures are a very sentimental thing to a Momma. You have the right attitude, though, allow yourself to morn the loss and then move on to the making of more memories!