Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Six Personal Updates

1.  The female cardinal lives on.  She is thumping on my window as I type.  I guess my husband was too busy on Friday to notice her.  That is good for her.  Bad for me. 

Do Cardinals fly south for the winter?

2.  After being down for the count with the Mother Of All Viruses, my computer has been “healed”.  Unfortunately, many files became casualties.  So although my computer lives, and I am typing on it now, it doesn’t remember what I would like it to. 

Hey!  That sounds like me!

3. My mom is doing pretty well after her fall at a restaurant on the way home from visiting us in Indiana.  Her knee (which she had surgery on in the past) is stiff and swollen, still.  But she claims it is no worse than before, and that it might be getting a little better.

I’m not sure if it is wishful thinking, or if it’s true.  But she does seem to be getting around, so I am thankful.

4.  My oldest son is 7 months into his Orthodontics Treatment.  He has upper braces and a Herbst appliance.  (If you are new around here, you can read about my family’s introduction to the Herbst appliance here.)  The device looks intimidating.  But the adjustment to having the appliance put on was so much easier than what we had prepared ourselves to go through. 

Even he is glad to be going through it, because it has made a drastic change in his appearance.  Not that he, or we, noticed much before.  It’s just that he looks totally different, now, and we realize how much he needed it.

But this really deserves it’s own post.  A post with “before” and “after” pictures that he approves of and doesn’t mind me putting out there.

5.  Our renovation project in the boys play room is nearing completion.  The patio door is installed, the drywall is up, and the wall has had its first coat of paint.  There is light at the end of the tunnel!!

6.  A Home Depot crew came in Friday to blow additional insulation into our attic spaces. Hopefully, we will enjoy a warmer house this winter and reduced energy costs next summer.  For the most part, we are happy with their service. 

I do, however, have a few repairs to make.  Several drywall nails in my hallway “popped” through the plaster on the textured ceiling.  I’m not at all sure what to do with them.  Anyone have any ideas?  I’m all ears.  :)

That’s about it, for now.  I think I’ve covered all the big happenings around here.

Have a great Tuesday, friends! 


Mari said...

I don't know if Cardinals leave in the winter. I've seen lots of pictures of Cardinals in the snow!
Glad the braces are working!

Amy said...

You will have to show some finished pictures of the boys room. I am always looking for inspiration! :)

Cheryl said...

Great post. I have been curious as to how your son has fared with the orthodontics. Within a month my son's teeth were in alignment and I was truly amazed. Glad to hear your mom is doing well. It's great that they came to visit.

Elsie the Cow said...

you will have to put a screw on either side of the popped nail, a couple few inches away and then dab some mud in the hole a couple of times until it is not noticeable.