Monday, November 16, 2009


Over the weekend, my husband realized that we picked up the Mother-Of-All viruses while surfing for some video gaming information.  (Feel free to groan with me and feel our pain.)

The good news is (first) as far as we can tell, the virus did not get the vital information it was designed to steal.  And (second) it only severely infected one computer when it could have traveled through our entire network.

The bad news is, the computer that took the hit is the computer on which I work the most.  It has all my Live Writer files and photos which making blogging so much fun for  me.

For now, I’m borrowing time on another computer.  And hoping that my husband will be able to discover a trick to kill the so-far indestructible virus.  He has used every program he has, and then some, and so far, none have been able to remove it. 

This morning, he took it to work to see if any of the guys can think of something else to do with it.  It’s funny, or not, how dependent we become on these machines and those little things we call our favorites!


Mari said...

What a bummer! We really do get dependent on our computers!

Amy said...

Ugh!!!! Been there and done that!

Hope all is well soon!! :)