Friday, November 6, 2009

Mom and Dad’s Visit, And The Long Drive Home

I posted earlier about Mom and Dad visiting from Pennsylvania.  We had a super nice time.  But the time just flew by. 

They left yesterday morning to begin their 13 hour trip and now that I have a few minutes, I thought I would share a few fun pictures of their time with us as well as a prayer request, which I’ll get to. 

Here is the little guy hiding as they walked in the door on Friday.  He didn’t know they were coming.  But when he saw them walking down the sidewalk, the look on his face was priceless.  It was funny to see him scramble to hide behind the door.  hiding from the surprise guestsIt didn’t take him long to warm up, though.

By mid afternoon, he got down to the business of showing Grandpop all his latest Hot Wheels Cars.  I dare say that Grandpop didn’t get much napping done while he was here!  Lol!

Grandpop and the little guyAlthough we visit Mom and Dad each summer when we go east, our time is always divided among tons of family and friends. 

So, as their health permits, Mom and Dad like to make the long trip to Indiana so they can spend a bigger chunk of time with us.  Isn’t that nice?  We worry about their traveling, but appreciate that they want to come! 

This is actually the first time in two years they have attempted it.  The year before the last, my mom fell the week before they were to come out, and ended up needing knee surgery.  Then last year, Dad gave us a scare with his heart and wasn’t well enough to travel. 

So their making the trip this fall was extra special.

The boys would have done just about anything to keep them here longer.  But I’m pretty sure they were missing their own beds, not to mention a little peace and quiet, maybe?  :) 

This is my favorite picture of their visit.  My little guy is posing with them in front of our red maple tree.  It’s a great picture of them! But it’s special for other reasons, too.Mom and Dad and the little guyThis tree started it’s life beside the crick I used to play in growing up.  It was a seedling of the red maple my father planted when I was about the same age as my little guy.  My husband and I transplanted it to our yard in Elverson (PA) where it spent a year, and then was dug up and brought along with us to Indiana almost seven years ago.  So the picture represents tons of great memories.

Anyway, I’m rambling.  Sorry.

Mom and Dad left yesterday morning, as I said, and made it as far as Jackson,Ohio last night.  Then they had a mishap.  Mom fell across a rise in the threshold of the Ponderosa where they stopped to eat.  She apparently bent her bad knee backwards and hit her head pretty hard. 

Thankfully, there was a paramedic just behind them who was able to help get her up and onto a bench to check her over. 

When I talked to her this morning, her knee was, of course, painful. But she was feeling really sore in her shoulder as well.  Not to mention pretty mad at herself for tripping.  Poor Mom!

I’m sure they would appreciate your prayers as they push on to finish the trip home.

I’m hoping to hear from them this evening that they are home safe and sound. 


The Real Me! said...

Oh my friend I'm so sorry to hear about your Mom falling. I'm sure that made you worry.
My parents are 73 and 77 and still drive from Maine to Florida to stay with us for 5 months. I worry about them driving as well. But my Dad has been driving back and forth from Maine to Florida or visa vera for over 20 years now so I'm pretty sure he could do it with his eyes closed! LOL
I'll be saying a prayer for your Mom. I hope they made it home safely!
Big hugs to you my friend.

It Feels Like Chaos said...

Your story about the tree gave me goosebumps!! How special to have that part of your childhood represented in the yard your kids are growing up in! I will pray for your parents safe journey the rest of the way home and for your mom to recover quickly from her fall.

Random question, but did you one time recommend a Dinosaur book that is more in line with Creation? I am looking for one for my boys and thought I remembered you recommending one a while back but can't find the name now. Thanks!!

Sandy@JesusandDark Choc said...

I do love the picture of your parents in front of the tree......that is special! I love that kind of thing. And that is great the tree made it to Indiana! :)
Glad your mom is ok...things like that do get harder as they get older. But I am certain your boys LOVED having them there! :)
Glad they are back here safely in good ole Pa.