Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I’m Looking For a Stove With Ten Burners

You probably didn’t notice, but my postings have been kind of slim the past few weeks.  Before I get too deeply involved in any projects today, I’d like to show you just one of the things we have cooking.

In the very back room of our house, which we use as a playroom, there are two doors to the outside.  This steel door, like the other one we replaced a few weeks ago, was in poor shape.  The screen door was even worse.  Since we really haven’t needed to use it, so I’ve been taping it closed to keep out drafts and critters.Old Door and Screen door

Well, we’re finally getting around to replacing it with this JELD-WEN sliding patio door to let in more winter sunshine and warmth.    It is a work in progress (literally).  But what do you think so far? 

New Jeldwin Sliding Door

The door is simple in style but slides beautifully.  It also fit our budget and qualified for the tax rebate program.  We’ll get a big chunk of its cost back at tax time!  I also couldn’t resist the big palm trees that were on sale for 8.99 at Home Depot.  I can’t wait to have my sunny oasis done!   

In our demolition of the old door and surrounding wall, we ran in to some water damage to the sill, flooring, and outside wall.  Rot is more like it.  What a headache!  So it is much more involved than we had anticipated.  There is still much to be done.  But we’re picking away at it as my husband has time.

This project would be enough to bite off.  But we’re gluttons for craziness. 

So we’re doing some other things too. 

  • Like having Home Depot come to our house and shoot additional fiberglass insulation into our attic spaces.  The access is, of course, in the spare closet which I had stacked to the roof with boxes. (Now, not only are there piles of boxes in my halls and living room from the play room renovation, there are boxes from the attic and closet as well.)
  • We’re also planning, packing, and cooking for a camping trip up to Indiana Dunes with our friends next week.  There will be four families altogether.  Today I’m making zucchini and banana bread and several dozen cookies to freeze.
  • And still trying to get everyone caught up on wellness visits and immunizations. 
  • And freezing the peppers that are coming out my ears.
  • And shampooing my carpets (around the boxes) after an unspeakable accident.  
  • And outside when the weather is nice, we’re splitting and stacking rows of firewood to burn in our stove through the winter.
  • And still doing soccer.
  • And preparing for a visit from my parents who arrive October 30.
  • And planning a neighborhood bonfire and hayride we’re hosting on Saturday, October 31st.  Which reminds me, I need to go pick up straw…

Can you say crazy???

And to make things just a little more exciting, my husband has a business trip to Minnesota next week.

Really, I need three more “me”s and a ten-burner stove for all the pots I’ve got cooking!

So why am I sitting here at my keyboard instead of digging in?  I’ve missed you!  I’m hoping to hop around the blogosphere later this afternoon and catch up.  Maybe with a great big mug of coffee and some pumpkin spice creamer.  I need to take some “me” time for the only “me” there is at the moment. 

Want to join me??  Seriously, I wish I could scoop the whole bunch of you up in an airplane and bring you all over for a colossal girls’ night.  I could send all my boys (and the two males who follow my blog) out for a manly movie, lol!  And then we could do chocolate, and brownies, and cookies and chick flicks!  I could even buy a case of pumpkin spice creamer!

Since that isn’t likely, and we’d be sitting on boxes, let’s do it this way.  Pick something to bring, tell your friends, and come have a virtual party with me!  At least we can have fun thinking about the perfect girls’ night out!  LOL!  And I promise to turn all the burners off for the party. 

Unless you need to heat something up, of course!


Mari said...

Your door looks great. It lets so much light in and lets you see your beautiful landscape!
I'm in for the party. I'll bring some Crispy Chicken Wontons, that are a really good appetizer. I'll only need your microwave to heat them up!

Raise Them Up said...

Thanks! And Chicken Wantons sound great!! It's getting kind of chilly here, so I'm for anything warm.

Candace said...

Sounds good - we don't mind sitting on boxes - haha! Enjoy the dunes - I love it up there!

Have your boys ever gone to the Hesston Steam Museum? It's fun for boys - it's like a grave yard for steam engine powered things. On the weekends they run the trains I think. It's nothing fancy and is all outside - but Zachary thought it was great.

Christina said...

WOW! WOW! WOW! And I thought I was crazy busy. : ) I love your door. It's beautiful.

I also love your party idea. I think I'll bring some of the apple butter that's simmering on my stove top. I'll hope you have some bread and a toaster. : )

I hope your projects continue to progress and that your camping trip is lovely and restful.

It Feels Like Chaos said...

Wow, you DO have a lot going on! At least they are all things you will enjoy once all the work is done.

I had to laugh at your attic access in a spare closet you have filled with boxes, because the same thing happened to me. We had to have a roof leak repaired and I was so embarrassed when I had to quickly pull all the junk out of the closet while the repairman watched!

That pumpkin spice creamer sounds so awesome and the girls' night!