Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Not How I Planned

This Spring Break for the boys isn’t turning out as I expected.  For weeks, I had been picturing warm weather, riding bikes, playing soccer, wearing flip-flops and getting lots of yard work done.

For the most part, it has been cold and rainy.  The ball bin is the only thing I’ve gotten done this week out of the ordinary—both because of the weather, and my health.  And the flowers out there are absolutely beautiful!Daffodyls

Last week, I found out I needed to do follow-up images to a mammogram.  Not because the doctor’s  office called, or even sent a letter.  But because I hadn’t heard anything for over a month and I called the office. 

It immediately cast doubt on the competence of the office and about whether or not things were going to be handled correctly in the future.  Nonetheless, I scheduled the images for this afternoon.

Then, over the weekend, I developed pain in the right side of my chest, and discovered a lump.

The office had wanted more images of the left

As the pain intensified, so did my apprehension of whether there had been some other mishandling of my records.

After not being able to get comfortable through Monday night, I called the doctor’s office yesterday morning and requested an appointment.  Only, my female doctor was on vacation. 

No matter, I needed to see someone and they set me up with another doctor in the practice.  A man.  In the words of Pooh, Oh bother!

That appointment took place yesterday afternoon and did much to bring me back to center.  Turns out, he was a wonderfully kind doctor who patiently took the time to explain the reasons additional images were requested.  Not anything to be alarmed about.

He also was able to make a tentative diagnosis on the painful lump in my right breast.  He feels it is a cyst, and that aspiration will probably bring relief.Miniature Iris

So this afternoon, instead of playing in my flowerbeds like I have been longing to do, I’ll be sitting in the hospital, waiting on another mammogram on my left side, an ultrasound on my right, and possibly an aspiration.  That involves a needle, right?? Oh bother! And why  did God give us these things again??  Just kidding. 

But it’s all O.K.  My God is bigger than my disappointment.  I have two great books to read, and my husband was able to take off from work to watch the boys. 

I’m going to miss the sunshine that looks so lovely out there now.   But the quiet time alone (kind of) is not uninviting in itself.  Does that make any sense??

As one of God’s many blessings, enjoy this beautiful Spring day, friends.  Play in the dirt some for me, O.K.?  And don’t forget to pray for Stellan and his family.

Prayers Please


Christina said...

Praying for you...

Your flower photos are spectacular! We are actually having a sunny day today, but there is still some snow on the ground, and there are NO flowers! sigh...

Keetha said...

I will warn you right now that this comment could take on the life of a post of its own.

I am SO with you about the whole mammogram thing. I have cysts AND milk calcifications, so they call be back EVERY STINKIN TIME. Every time. Sometimes they even want to do ANOTHER mammo.

Hello - - - as if hanging ONCE by my titty under the front wheels of a parked semi tractor trailer wasn't ENOUGH they want to do it AGAIN. And let's not even talk about they times they decide to do a sonogram WHICH INSURANCE WON'T PAY FOR!!!

I tell ya honey, if a MAN had to lay his little precious parts under the tire of a semi truck while they told him, "Now stand still and hold your breath" there would be a NEW MACHINE INVENTED THAT DAY.

And that's my little monologue on this very ouchy subject - - - pun totally intended.

Oh, as a fellow sufferer, I DO hope that your news turns out like mine always does: A normal abnormality. (Isn't that an oxymoron???)

Rosie said...

Thanks for visiting my spot. I love all your wonderful photos. I also hope that all the dr.s visits turn out alright-it is so unnerving to have something and not know exactly what it is.

Prayers to you.