Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Girls Night Celebration!

Yesterday went very well, and I received all good news from the doctors.   I’m still a little sore and I get to abstain from shoveling mulch another day (oh shoot).  But I’m back to a yearly mammogram schedule.  Yippy!

My wonderful friend got herself a new camper and was dying to sleep in it.  So, since her husband had to work, we made it a girls’ night!  How lucky am I??


O.K., so a girls’ night, with four boys.  LOL!  But the boys totally loved the bunks in the back and were happy to leave us alone.

They watched Bolt and played their Nintendo DS’s while we lounged up front, ate popcorn, and watched Everafter.  I had a wonderful time!

I learned something, though, which kind of made me sad.

When I decided to bring my four-year-old, I thought he would snuggle between us ladies.  I even brought his favorite fishes (the Flavor-Blasted Cheddar ones) and his sippy cup.

But you know what?  He would have NONE of that. 

For him, it was all about hanging with the boys.  I couldn’t even coax him to come snuggle when it was obvious he was getting very sleepy.

My little guy is growing up.  I’m hoping our snuggle years aren’t drawing to a close.  It seems much to soon for that! 

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Keetha said...

We love camping. We have a LARGE pop-up and part of the reason I'm ready to STOP teaching is so we can camp longer into the fall - - - - I just can't "do" the work and then play all weekend thing. I guess I can't do like the 70's Enjoli commercial which said "I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in the pan, and never never never let you forget you're a man . . ."