Monday, March 16, 2009

Two Hoops For the Troops!

My four-year-old is now officially sleeping in his big boy bed. (Yeah!!) The Family Slumber Party in his room Friday night was a hit which all the boys enjoyed. We ate cake, read books, told stories and generally stayed up way past any of our bedtimes!

It made for a slightly sluggish Saturday, but we still managed to check off a few items from our to-do list. One job the boys were excited about was assembling a second basketball hoop.

Yes, a second hoop.

Our first had a tragic encounter with the snow plow this winter and I thought it was beyond repair. So I picked up a new one off of Craig's List.

Incidentally, before I get too far along, Craig's List is a super place to find all sorts of things (locally)--including basketball goals! And the service is free! I wish I had checked there before we bought or first goal several years ago. We probably could have saved some money!

Only, my husband (handy in welding among other things) WAS able to fix the old goal soon after we picked up the new one. Oh me of little faith!

I thought of re-selling the new one since it was still in the box. After all, I sold our crib in no time. But in the end, I gave in to the boys who wanted to keep it and have a two-hoop-court. Just a tad frivolous, if you ask me.

But, since we live in Indiana, and Basketball is BIG, it stands to reason that two hoops are better than one, right?

Also, when I think of the countless hours my brother and I spent shooting hoops in front of our barn, I have no problem believing that these hoops will see lots of use, too.

The boys already spend every free moment out there. Plus, they are itching to have a bunch of guys over to play a real game.

Now, I just need to stock up on drinks and snacks for the extra troops that are sure to make this a second home...

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Cheryl said...

It's great that they have two hoops, not frivolous at all. Think of all the exercise and fresh air they get from it. I bet they will be the envy of all their friends and you didn't even buy a video game system!