Monday, March 2, 2009

Sad Happy Day

Only a mom would understand a title like that. Well, and maybe a very sentimental dad.

The time has come for us to part with our crib. My youngest has been climbing in and out of it for years. He is, after all, four. I suppose we should have graduated him out of it long ago.

But there is something rather sad about saying goodbye to it. Frankly, I've just been reluctant to do it. But alas, he really is ready for a big-boy bed.

He is so excited. And I should be, too, at least for him.

So why do I feel like having a good cry?

Because when I look at this crib, I see tiny little sleeping boys.

I see little fists, closed tightly on a favorite blanket.

I see little feet in blanket sleepers.

I see a Fisher Price aquarium (which I always wished were in my room!).

I see tiny noses and long lashes.

I remember little giggles when I came in to find they had rolled to their tummies. I remember triumphant squeals when they pulled themselves up on the rail, and I remember the thumping and jumping of little boys ready to be rescued.

I see me rocking them to sleep by this crib side, and I see me bending over the sides to kiss their little cheeks.

To a mom, these memories are treasures for the heart.

They also are the things that sustain our motherly love through all the temper tantrums, messy rooms and sassy mouths.

Sigh. I'm so very thankful for them. The memories, and the boys.

There was a time when I didn't think I could ever do the job of "mother." There are lots of days I still don't.

But by the grace of God, these boys are growing up. And hopefully, I'm not doing too much permanent damage to their little selves! LOL!

We're moving on, and we're embracing the next stage. I've posted the crib on Craig's List.

We're celebrating a milestone with my littlest joy!

I'm just doing it with a box of tissues nearby.


Mari said...

I know what you mean. Yes - it's a milestone, but it's hard on us Moms!

Kimberly said...

Oh wow. Mine will get there, in time. I try to cherish these baby memories as I know the will be supplanted with others as the kids grow.

MyJourneyBack said...

What a sweet post. I really enjoyed reading it.
I am in the grandbaby stage and I love all the first we are experiencing. I know it will be a long time by this stage is just amazing. So different. Enjoy those little or not so little ones as long as you can.
Many Blessings,

The Real Me! said...

Oh my goodness! This almost made me cry. My youngest boy is almost 4 and we just switched him out of his crib. It was a very said yet happy day. Your thoughts were so much like my own.
Blessings to you.

Anonymous said...

You brought tears to my eyes! My baby is 2 now and I keep delaying the big girl bed for all those reasons. Think I will put it off a little longer.....

Andrea @ The Train To Crazy said...

Oh my. I totally know what you mean. While we are still using our crib, I feel that with every passing milestone of my youngest.