Monday, March 2, 2009

Frugal and Delicious Chicken Paprika

It has been way too long since I made this! The first time I ever tasted it, my husband and I were dating. He is a wonderful cook, by the way. Just don't tell anyone. He blushes easily and will deny everything.

But one story just cracks me up. We weren't married yet, and he volunteered to take a meal to a small group family that had just brought home a newborn from the hospital.

Later in the week, I asked him how it went, and he said it went well. He told me had taken Chicken Paprika, wine, a CD, and a CD player. He then told me how much fun he had when he stayed to eat with them!

"You what?" I had asked, to which he replied, "I stayed and ate with them. I had to eat, too, and it was a good meal."

So, in effect, he took dinner, music, and entertainment! Lol! He's nothing if not practical, thorough, and totally out of the box! That's why I married him!

Anyway, this is a wonderful and frugal dish that is easy to make, yet tastes like you spent hours! I like to make plenty of extra so I have it for lunches throughout the week.


3 Tablespoons Butter or Margarine
1 Large Onion, chopped
1 Tablespoon (or more to taste) Paprika
3 Boneless, Skinless Chicken breasts (diced or sliced)
Salt (to taste)
2 Chicken Bouillon Cubes
@ Cup of water
1 Cup Sour Cream
2 Cups Cooked Rice

I rarely measure precisely, so all of these things are approximations that you can adjust to your own tastes or dietary needs. I will often put less sour cream in it, because I like it just as well that way. But my husband likes it very creamy. He's that kind of guy.

I usually get the rice (long grain) started, then do the chicken while it is cooking. The timing works out pretty well.

Melt Margarine in a skillet over medium high heat, add onions and paprika.
Brown the onions slightly, add the chicken and a drop of water.
Brown the chicken, adding just a drop of water here and there to keep it from burning.
Add about a cup (really, just a small amount in the bottom--enough to dissolve the cubes) of water and the two bouillon cubes. Once it is bubbling again and the cubes are dissolved, turn the heat down. Add salt to taste. Cover, and simmer till tender. Check and stir often and if the water boils out, add more. You want to keep a small amount in the bottom of the pan.
Remove from heat. Stir in sour cream and pour over rice. Top with an extra sprinkle of Paprika, and WALLAH!

Beautiful, and delicious!

Enjoy!!! Call me if you have leftovers. I can help you polish them off. :)

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There are tons of great recipes to be had. Who has house work to do?? Let's just cook up something new! :)


Mari said...

This sounds so good - Thanks!

Cheryl said...

I think I will be adding this to my recipe collection. Sounds delicious.

Amy said...

Oh! This sounds good! And, a nice change from the usual chicken dishes. I think I'm going to add this to my menu plan for next week. Thanks for the recipe!

Amy ~ The Salty Momma

Kim @ Forever Wherever said...

Thanks for bringing your recipe over to Tasty Tuesday! The dish sounds yummy, and the story was way cute! How awesome! My husband is a little goofy like that! LOL

Jane said...

Oh this sounds really good!
None of us like rice, so I think I'll make this & serve it over noodles.
Thanks for the recips!

Brenda said...

Looks great! Nice instead of beef

Kirstin said...

Yum! I make something similar but call it chicken paprikash. It ends up being more like a soup with dumplings in it. I posted teh recipe on my blog. It is so yummy. his looks really really good!

Jerralea said...

Hmmm.. I've never had chicken paprika but this looks good! I'll have to try it. Thanks for sharing.

Mary Ann said...

This looks very good. I've bookmarked it to try. What a great story!

A Frugal Friend said...

This looks great....I am going to be trying it soon. Thanks

Jerri - Simply Sweet Home said...

This sounds delicious!

Amy said...

I made this on Tuesday and it was SO GOOD! The kids all loved it, and getting all four to like the same thing at the same time is a major accomplishment! Thanks so much for the great recipe!

Amy ~ The SaltyMomma