Monday, March 9, 2009

A New Space For My "Baby"

I told you last Monday about my decision to finally graduate my littlest guy from his crib to a big boy bed. It really was a Sad, Happy Day! (you can click there to see what it looked like before).

But we're glad we did. As I said, he was way past ready, and I needed to let him grow up a little.

Since his room doubles as our guest room, and we often have overnight guests, it has never really been his own space.

We have a double bed in there, as well as a filing cabinet with a bunch of my teaching files, and those things really need to stay. But I wanted to make a special corner for him--a space that was all his.

Steps to a New Space

The first thing I did was to slide the double bed over closer to the far wall and put his bed under the window.

I covered his bed with a fun blanket I made using a piece of "roadway" fabric from Walmart. The underside is a fuzzy green fleece. In the middle, I sewed a piece of quilted mattress pad that had lost it's elastic. So it is a nice weight blanket.

I moved a bookshelf in from his brothers' room and filled it with our picture books. He loves books!

I added a wall shelf which I purchased on clearance at Kmart a while back. He'll need someplace to tuck all the special treasures little boys like to collect. Just hopefully not of the living variety!

I then relocated the framed Norman Rockwell puzzle of the little boy and his puppies, and the space was almost finished.

The last step was to do something with the really ugly pink carpet that came pre-stained by the previous owners.

A few small area rugs next to his bed, along with a bean bag, marked out his space, and made for a comfy place to sit and read stories!

I now have to kick his big brothers out of his room. They say it's because they want to read to their brother. (Mm-hmm.) It has nothing (of course) to do with the fact that it is clean, you can see the floor to walk on, and things are neat and inviting.

If they admitted that, then Mom might use it against them to point out what they could do to their own room. We couldn't have that.

Anyway, that's the makeover. Hope you enjoyed the tour!

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