Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Works For Me Wednesday:
Creative Toy Box Idea

For those of you with little ones, this idea is for you!

This is actually a kitchen corner cabinet which we picked up 10 years ago for around $10 on clearance at a cabinet outlet. Don't see it? Picture it (minus the door, of course) turned up on end and positioned in the corner of your kitchen over the counter.

There were several things that I liked about the idea when I saw it on the warehouse floor.

First, it is actually kind of pretty, and the light maple wood matched the crib.

Second, it had no lid to fall on a little guy's head or trap him inside (though, sometimes that might have been handy!).

And Finally, the (new) top of the cabinet was wide and deep enough to place a few books, stuffed animals, or select toys on for display. When they were really young and their room was tiny, I even had a small bookshelf sitting on the back of it. My husband (of course) screwed through the back of it into the wall as a precaution against it tipping forward.

Not that boys would climb it. . . heh-hem.

This is my firstborn tickled with himself for making it into the box. Wow! Could it really be 11 years ago already??

All my boys have found it fun to play inside! Much more fun than putting their toys in it. Naturally.

We still use it in the playroom. Only now, instead of containing cute chunky toys and stuffed animals, it has a bazillion toy guns, light sabers, and army dress up clothes. Well, I wish it WOULD contain those things!

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Homesteader in Training said...

That is great. I am amazed at how the toys get bigger with the kids LOL. Cute picture too.

Hadley Coble said...

Great idea! they love to get in small places, don't they?! I wish I could see stuff for things other than what they are when I see them. I usually think of something great to do with it three weeks after I leave it at the store!