Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Star Wars

This morning, it was my turn to gather the neighborhood kids to take down to the bus stop. The bus picks them up about a mile down the road at the highway. It's not a long distance. . . unless your car is packed (literally) with elementary kids yelling to be heard.

Usually, I tune out the conversation since 99% of the time it is about Star Wars Clone Wars. I can't even say the names of the characters, much less follow what they're talking about.

But my boys are ALL ABOUT Star Wars.

This morning's conversation went something like this...
and I apologize in advance for destroying all the names, and their spellings. I can't help it. I'm Star Wars-Challenged.

"Hey Guys! Guess what!! I saw Star Wars on the news this morning! There were real guys with painted faces and ALL!"


"Yeah! I saw Luke, and Anikan, and. . .your FA-vorite guy."

"You saw PROCLUNE?" Gasps all around the car.


"Why were they on the news?"

"I don't know."

"Maybe they were talking about some anniversary, or something."

"Like the thirtieth anniversary of when Star Wars came out."

"No, that couldn't be, because that would have been in 2007."

"Oh, yeah, that's right. If it came out in 1977, then that's (counting by tens on fingers) 87, 97, 2007. It would have to be the 32nd anniversary..."

Right there they lost me.

I was immediately transported back in time to another place. I found myself sitting on my neighbor's front porch up on the hill with my three girlfriends. We were huddled around "Teen" magazine, staring at pictures of Luke and Princess Leah. Giggling, of course.

I never saw the movie back then. But it didn't stop me from joining in the awe of such a handsome guy and the beautiful princess.

That was THIRTY-TWO YEARS ago????????????

The wrinkles ad that Google threw up at the mention of my birthday last week didn't do near what hearing that conversation in the back of my car did to me.

It brought back memories.

It made me smile.

It made my mouth drop, my back ache, and my brows furrow.

It made me think about putting my headphones on tomorrow morning.


Dot O said...

I'm a bit older than you and remember all of the fuss when SW came out!

It's funny how when transporting kids, its almost as if you aren't even in the car. You watch, as they get older you really hear stuff (some of which you'll wish you hadn't) and you wonder if the kids think you are in some kind of cone of silence and can't hear what they're saying!!

Mari said...

The first date my hubby and I went on was one the early Star Wars movies - in 1980!
You asked about the vegetable chopper - it does have 2 grids for bigger or smaller size chopping.

Honey Mommy said...

Thirty two years! That's how old I am. :o)

Cheryl said...

I loved your post! It is so fun to watch our children enjoy the same things we did. Right now our 2 oldest are really enjoying 80's music. Life sure was simpler back then, although I wouldn't have minded having computers!

I also like the new look for your blog,the color is very calming.