Monday, November 10, 2008

Our Last Soccer Game!

Saturday was the boys' last soccer game. It was FREEZING cold! They played hard (mostly to stay warm!) but still lost the game. I took tons of pictures, but only two caught any action. Here, I actually caught my oldest making a great save, and below, my middle one is taking back the ball. My hat is off to sports correspondents! It is hard to get pictures that show anything but where the ball was!It has been great to see both boys develop as team players, as well as work on their skills. We'll see if they want to pick up the sport again in the spring!

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the voice of melody said...

You just finished soccer? And we just started today! Here, it goes from November until February, then baseball starts in March and football is in the summer. My son plays them all, and my husband coaches them all. Whew!

I agree as far as taking pictures of the action. I usually have to take a whole bunch for just a few to turn out decent. Those two are looking great though, you did a good job! :)