Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Plan A or Plan B

These pictures were taken last year at Patoka Lake. It was wonderful to get away, and we're looking forward to getting away this year, too.

My boys thought tomorrow's departure for camping would never come, but come, it has! We are almost packed and are hoping to leave mid-morning. It's funny. I spend all this time getting everyone else ready and I'm too exhausted to pack my own stuff.

I'll probably roll out of bed in the morning, prop my eyelids open and do my best not to forget anything important for myself. Last year, it was my toothbrush. The year before, it was my underthings. Of course, I'll be the last one ready (like every vacation) and the boys will complain that I'm making them late and holding them up.

Do you see any injustice here??

Along with packing everyone else's things and cooking enough food for an army, I had to bake more pepperoni bread because my little food pits devoured what I made yesterday!

I'm looking at this picture of our tent from last year and realizing that the vents are much larger than I was remembering. I'm going to need to rethink the blanket/tarp thing I was planning to put over the tent under the fly. I'm not sure I have a tarp or a blanket big enough to cover all that space. I might have cover the top in halves or sections. It will make keeping it in place a little trickier, but it is what it is. We'll figure it out there.

My day wasn't all camp packing, though. In fact, I wasn't sure we were going to be going at all.

My Dad entered the cardiac ICU today as a result of a heart attack and is undergoing tests back in PA. So, I spent a bunch of time on the phone and packing four other sets of clothes and supplies (still none them mine ;)) for a plan B trip to PA.

I was back and forth a dozen times about what our plans should be, but it looks as though Dad is stable and will be in a holding pattern for a few days. Doctors aren't even close to being ready to determine what action to take. Mom (in typical Mom form) encouraged us to stick to our plans and let the boys have their fun time. So we're going ahead with the camping plans, knowing it could all change in a moment. God is determined to give me practice at laying my worry at his feet.

Lord willing, we will be at the park through Sunday, and Dad's heart will behave itself. But we'll be ever in prayer, and appreciative of your prayers as well.

Until we get home. . .


Isn't it neat, by the way, to connect with other Christian women we don't even know, and feel like sisters because of Him? That for me, is what blogging is all about.


Christina said...

I hope your camping trip goes smoothly. ; ) And that you remember everything.

I am very close to my parents. Though I am currently enjoying the blessings of living near them, I can certainly sympathise with how difficult it is to be apart, especially during times of crisis. I've been praying for you.

Lisa said...

(Thanks for stopping by my blog tonight)
Blessings for a wonderful camping trip, and healing for your father! I know how tought it can be to be too far away for comfort.

Lisa said...

I meant "tough". :>)

Cheryl said...

Go and enjoy yourself, The Lord will be watching over your Dad. Worrying changes nothing.