Thursday, October 2, 2008

My Bargain Stool

Tuesday night the boys and I found ourselves at Kroger facing a half hour wait period for prescriptions to be filled. Lucky for us (but unlucky for the cash in my purse), there's a Good Will across the parking lot.

This Good Will trip netted us a cool kitchen bar stool (that swivels!!!) for $6. All bar stools should swivel as a matter of principle. Too bad there weren't several more, since only one little boy body can swivel on it at a time, and that can be a problem.

We also snagged an Adidas sweatshirt for my oldest, a Gap Sweatshirt and T-shirt for number two, and a Peanut M&M costume for number three. This costume, by the way, is what triggered that dinner table discussion. Now, it remains to be seen whether any of my boys will actually wear the costume. As you well know, up until it is time to go out the door, costume choices go in and out of vogue every 2.7 seconds.

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Tracy said...

I love Goodwill... Take a look at my page and see my treasure....