Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Creative Costume Idea

We're sitting at the dinner table talking about costumes for the school Halloween parties.

My middle boy (9, and ever the tongue-tied one) says, "I want to be an enema."

Me, stifling a spontaneous giggle, "What. . . ?"

"I want to be an emenemina thingy."

"Oh," I say. "You mean an M&M??"

"Yeah, I want to be an M&M," he says.

Here's the question. Do you explain what an enema is to a 9 year old so he doesn't make the same announcement at school, or simply hope he gets it right next time?? I debated, and decided that, yes, I'd better tell him. The conversation that followed isn't printable. But you may have heard my boys' howling with laughter after the explanation. Sadly, instead of insuring that the unspeakable word wasn't repeated in school, I had given my 9 year old boy an education he couldn't wait to share with his friends. Some days, I simply can't win.


Blue Castle said...

I almost snorted reading your post! How hilarious! It would be fun to be a fly on the wall when he shares his new-found knowledge with his friends. :)

Anonymous said...

Really. I almost had soda come out my nose. Which would have been as pretty as your conversation, no? Thanks for a Great laugh this morning. And kudos to your Goodwill finds! Blessings, Whitney