Friday, October 31, 2008

A Happy Halloween to You!

The long awaited day for Trick or Treating has finally arrived. My four-year-old has been begging to go ever since his favorite cartoon characters started talking about it weeks ago!

Traditionally, we make a great community event out of the evening. This year, my husband will be driving his International M and pulling the trailer with the hey (and us!). There are five families with kids. We have about 20 houses on our road and they are pretty spread out, so this makes it fun. If it's not too late when we get back, we'll have a campfire and roast marshmallows while the kids play flashlight tag. The weather is supposed to be beautiful!

See our pumpkins? I'm really proud of my two older boys. My middle one carved the leaf pumpkin, and my oldest carved the bat. It took them a long time, but they didn't give up, and their pumpkins look great!

I still have tons to do, so I shouldn't be on this computer. But I thought maybe one of you could help inspire me. I'm helping to organize the giant Trunk or Treat at our church tomorrow. And no, I still don't have an idea for my trunk yet (any suggestions????). Besides the decorated trunks to trick or treat around, we'll be offering refreshments, games--lots of games, and a story time with the gospel.

We sent out 2500 invitations to children in surrounding schools, and yes, there are two zeros in that number. I'm currently brain dead and on decoration overload, but I need to come up with two good verses (or phrases from verses) for the final bulletin boards. No clear choice has come to me yet. Do you have any ideas or favorite verses with outreach in mind?? I've covered the 4x8 boards with yellow, and red respectively, and I hung a fall garland at the bottom of each. So it is all ready to finish--I just need the words/idea to put up.

Even if you have no ideas for me, I would really appreciate prayers for this event. Lots of kids will be coming that have never been to a church before, and we want all the games and fun to reflect the God we love and serve.

My little guy went to smell this pumpkin lid and accidentally touched his nose with it. You should have seen the face he made! Yes, pumpkins are stinky! I love this age!

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Kimberly said...

I just love the pic of your youngest smelling the pumpkin. How cute.

I have no ideas for you. I am feeling much like a drought when it comes to any decorating ideas just now. My 2 yo son is going to wear his Tigger PJs and a cheapo tiger visor that I got at the craft store for Halloween. He would have loved to have decorated a pumpkin, but I don't think it will happen.

But I will be thinking and praying for your church party. What a wonderful outreach!