Tuesday, November 4, 2008

CASE Pedal Tractor Loader;
A Smash Hit With All The Boys!

This week's themed edition of Works For Me Wednesday is on favorite toys--toys that won't be thrown away or forgotten a week after Christmas. I debated about whether to go with a list of all of them, or pick an all time favorite and do a review of it. Since I have already begun a list of toy reviews in Toy Tester's corner, I elected to do a toy review here.

This CASE Pedal Tractor/Loader was originally purchased from a large ACE Hardware in PA as the ultimate potty training bribe for my first son. Although it didn't work so well as a bribe, it was a smash hit as a favorite toy. All three sons have put miles and miles on this tractor. Sadly, my older two (9 and 11) get booted off now because their legs are getting too long. I'm afraid they will break the seat when they try to sit on its back.

It pedals and steers easily, the bucket raises, lowers and dumps with levers, and the hitch in the back pulls any wagon with a handle. I see in this picture the pin is missing, but it does come with one. I'm guessing that it is sitting in the little wagon my little guy likes to pull behind the tractor.

His favorite activity is scooping up mulch and stones and filling his Little Tikes Pickup Truck. The truck and the tractor are great toys in themselves, but put them together, and you have a recipe for Boy Heaven!

If you have a boy, and a place he can pedal around, I would DEFINITELY recommend this tractor.

There are lots of pedal tractors out there, and the ones I've looked at seem to be built similarly. Some are even Green for those John Deere tractor people. Heh-hem.

Note: We tend to do Green AND Red (International), but don't tell anyone. As in politics, dedicated supporters of each would argue forever over the virtues of their favorite and accuse us of nasty things for sit'n on the fence.

For us, we're just plain tractor folks. Have been, and always will be. . .

Fer some reason, I'm a feel'n the need to be a sit'n on the front porch rock'r, a chew'n on the end of a weed 'bout now.

Here's my husband on his brother's toy a few years ago. He and his two brothers participated in a tractor pull near his parents' place.

In an incredible gesture, his brother gave him the M this past summer and we were able to bring it west. My husband may be a senior engineer in a Pharmaceutical company, but his roots go way back to the farm fields and he has tractors in his blood. I'm guessing he's passed that on to our boys, too.

Not a bad thing at all.


Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

Oh that is super-cute!


Holly said...

This morning as I watched my 6 yr old ride the Radio Flyer Tiny Trike as she waited for the bus, I thought about how it has gotten way more use than I would have thought. They all still mess with it from time to time, even though their knees are hitting their ears. Love ride on toys!

Cindy said...

I love it! And I know my son would love it. I need to find one on Craig's List, though, cause I wouldn't pay full price. :)

Thanks for stopping by The Happy Ones!

Feeling Frugal Fairy said...

That is the cutest little tractor!