Monday, October 13, 2008

Little Tikes Pickup Truck

This Little Tikes Pickup Truck has carried countless little boys and their friends to work. We bought it new for my oldest son 9 years ago, and the only place it shows wear is on the stickers. The truck is still in great shape! My four year old now considers it a staple of life. It is ideal for little ones 18 months and up, and depending on how tall the child is, he could use it for years.

Around here, the big kids (I'm talking 3rd-5th graders) still use it, although they can't squeeze inside it anymore. They sit in the back (with the tail gate down) and propel themselves backwards with their feet. If they're lucky, they convince their little brother to take them for a ride. I'm not sure what the weight limit is, but I know that at least 90lbs of boys have been on or in it at one time on many occasions!

The working tailgate is the cat's meow! My budding construction worker likes to throw his cones and tools in the back and head off to work. It's fun to watch him pull off to the side of the driveway to fill 'er up at the gas station we improvised by the shed. Sometimes he uses his pedal tractor/loader to fill the bed with mulch! I'm not so much in favor of this since it gets redistributed all over our driveway! But hey, who can complain when the little man is hard at work?

In short, this is a well-made toy that has been worth every penny! Your little one will love it! I think we paid around $50 dollars for it at a toy outlet (remember, nine years ago). But I see that Amazon has it on sale for $78.61. They are saying that this is a 21% savings off the list price of $99.99, still not a bargain in my book. But, you may be able to snag it cheaper off EBay or Craig's List. Then again, if you have several boys that will get use out of it, it may be worth it for you.

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