Saturday, September 20, 2008

Today's Score Board Report: The Agony of Defeat...

When we got to the field this morning and saw the other team doing drills, I had a feeling it was going to be a learning day for our team. When our opponents scored three goals in the first two minutes, I realized it was going to be a very long game, as well!

Our guys were out run, out kicked, out maneuvered and out passed. And need I say it, outscored (painfully)? No one likes to be beaten as badly as we were today, but this game gave our guys (and gals) an opportunity to see what a good team looks like on the playing field. Now, we have fresh goals to strive for as we practice this week!

I look at playing this team early in the season as a good thing for us. It sets the standard of play we're working towards, and gives concrete examples of how things can work. Really, it is a gift, though our kids certainly didn't think so at the time! I'm looking forward to seeing these young players work more as a team and give each game their best hussle.

My middle son is the goal keeper in blue, by the way. The last picture caught my oldest son taking the ball on one of its few trips into enemy territory! His knee was still a little sore, but not sore enough to sit out.

Stop back next Saturday for the next Score Board Report. Hopefully, it will be a good one!

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