Friday, September 19, 2008

September 20, 2008 Soccer Game

The soccer game for tomorrow is scheduled for 9am. I kind of hate it when they come so early. Saturday is the one day our family can sleep late. When we've had a busy week such as this, having to get up before eight hurts. I'll be taking my coffee along, that's for sure!

My oldest son's knee is still giving him problems when he's been on it for a while or playing hard. I think he is going to stick to goal keeper when he plays tomorrow. We'll see. His coach is really good about not pushing him.

We're taking snacks for the team after the game. I guess I really am a Soccer Mom. (I wonder if that is anything like a Hockey Mom--Go Sarah!) Sorry, I just had to get that in...

This is kind of getting off on a tangent, but there ought to be some sort of rules for parents who attend their kid's games. Things like, Don't scream yourself silly at your kid--he can't hear you anyway. And be encouraging to both teams, it's JUST a game! Let the kids have fun, it's competitive enough in nature. And let the coaches coach the team--if you want to yell instructions at the top of your lungs, volunteer and wear the shirt . . . These are just a few of the things I find myself thinking at the games.

I bet you have some things you would add, don't you? Please, please, pretty please share them with us in a comment? I'm dying to know that I'm not the only parent who gets terribly distracted by the antics of parents at games.

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