Friday, September 12, 2008

Rainy Day Set Up

Don't Do It! LOL! But when it just can't be avoided, or rain is predicted, go prepared and check to make sure that your camp site is on high ground. Switch it if necessary!

Wear rain jackets/gear and have extra towels on hand. Muck boots, or those neoprene shoes are wonderful. No one wants to start a camping experience muddy and soaked to the bone.

Bring something to entertain the kids in the car who won't be helping with set up. This is one of those times when a portable DVD player is worth it's weight in gold! Books and toys work great,>

Put camping supplies like food, paper goods, clothes and bedding in large plastic tubs or trash bags. That way if you have to, you can set them in the elements out of the way and still keep things dry while you set up.

Pack your vehicle so that the things you'll need first are on top, i.e. the tarp for the ground, then the tent, then the mats, bedding, etc. If you have a canopy (which we highly recommend), set it up and stake it down immediately. It's nice when you can back your vehicle up to it and begin unloading key gear in a relatively protected spot.

Work together. If you have multiple families along, concentrate on setting up one tent or pop-up camper at a time. The quicker the set up, the less water on the inside!

Put firewood on the front of a large tarp and bring the back of the tarp up and over the stack to keep it as dry as possible.

Bring an easy to fix and clean up (or no-cook) dinner, or plan to find a nearby restaurant. Chances are, you won't have a fire to roast your hot dogs over, and won't feel much like it after setting up in the rain, anyway!

Pack lots of board games in case the sun doesn't shine for a while! My friends love Dominoes. We usually take Uno and a deck of playing cards.

As I think of more things, I'll add them to the list. Share your tips for setting up in the rain in a comment.

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