Saturday, September 27, 2008

Computer Problems

I have this little fragile window of time right now where my computer is working and the ISP appears to be working as well. So I may or may not get this posted before one of them crashes.

The above is our sick server. In my soccer update, I mentioned that my husband had things to do. He is presently making a Best Buys run for a new hard drive (and various other things) for our miserable fleet of computers.

This whole week has given us one computer problem after another. Between Internet issues and computer problems, I've been jumping through all kinds of hoops trying to get connected.

Let me explain. We have three computers: his, hers, and a server that connects everything. All three of these were having issues this week, with the server being the most ornery. Unfortunately, the server has most of my files on it and when it is down, I can do little.

We also have two Internet service providers. One is through AT&T on an ISDN line, and the other is an experimental form which our power company is trying to get running consistently over the power lines. Both of these have been up and down, too. Oh, how I wish we had DSL, but that is whole 'nother story.

Catching a computer working at the same time as its respective Internet connection was like trying to catch a fruit fly.
Let me just say I'll be SO HAPPY if my husband can work his miracles tonight with the bag of parts he's buying!
I'm missing my email friends and feeling sorry about taking my "connectedness" for granted.

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