Thursday, September 4, 2008

Broom Hockey

Equipment needed: Cones (or something to mare out two goals), small ball, at least two brooms.
This game can be played with small to medium size groups. Split the kids into 2 different groups. Use cones, chairs, or anything handy to mark goals for each team. Line up each team from tallest to shortest along opposite sidelines and assign numbers to each member in a similar way. If the teams are uneven, assign two numbers to one player on the team having less. Use a small ball like a tennis ball (a larger ball can be used as well) for the puck, and a broom for a hockey stick. To begin play, the referee calls out a number and the corresponding player from each team runs to the middle, picks up their broom and attempts to score a goal. You could use more brooms if you would like to call more than one set of numbers at a time. Once someone scores a goal, the brooms and ball are returned to the middle and the next set of players is called. Emphasize the importance of hitting the ball and not your opponents legs!! Applying foam pipe insulation to the lower part of the handle might be a good idea.

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