Friday, August 22, 2008

Preparing for the Work Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow, we are going over to our neighbor's house to help clean up the trees that were felled. My husband spent the evening getting his chain saws tuned up and his equipment fueled. We'll take the loader and truck down in the morning and then come back for the tractor and wagon.

There will be lots of brush that the kids and I can clean up while my husband helps cut up the big stuff. We're planning a cookout for lunch so all won't be work and no play! These folks happen to be the very first friends we made when we relocated, and they have become wonderful friends. I am truly thankful for them!

It is really important to us that we make time to help friends when we can, especially in this culture where folks don't often have the opportunity to get to know their neighbors. Neighbors can be wonderful resources for families, especially families with children. The support they can offer each other can make all the difference when it comes to emergencies, family illnesses, emergency child care and even neighborhood watches.

We like to take family walks both for health reasons and to enjoy seeing people who we might not have seen for a while. Sometimes we even have a chance to meet new folks. We have made many wonderful new friends this way! You can't get to know your neighbors unless you make an effort to reach out.

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