Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dizzy Disc

The Dizzy Disc is huge fun around here. A built-in level adjusts the slope of the Dizzy Disc to increase or decrease the difficulty level. The greater the slope, the harder it is! The 16" surface allows kids to kneel, sit, lie down and even stand as they play while improving balance and coordination. It is lightweight, durable and portable. And best of all, it is for ages 5 and up. . . up to 150 lbs! But we have been known to put a 200lb Dad on it with no problem!

We picked ours up at a yard sale for a few bucks. But in looking on line to see where someone could purchase one, most places want upwards of $70, and at that, many don't have it in stock. Whether it is out of production, or simply out of stock, I don't know. My best advice is to keep your eyes open on EBay, or Craig's list.

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This is a far cry from a yardsale find, and I don't know anything about, but their site seems to have them in stock for $129.99. If anyone knows where else this can still be purchased (preferably cheaper), please leave a link in the comments. Thanks!

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