Monday, April 20, 2015

Flying Boots and Hallway Makeovers

We have two hallways.  One leads to the bedrooms, the other to the garage.

The bedroom hallway is close to 40 feet long.  I should have painted it when we moved in, because I’m pretty sure it only had primer on it.  However, I kept pushing it off.  (Because it’s 40 feet long.)  Twelve years and the-constant-abuse-of-three-active-boys later it was still occupying the bottom spot on my to-do list.

So when the wall directly across from my oldest son’s bedroom received a shoe sized hole, eh hem, I decided it was time. 

A very nice friend of the family gave my son lessons in drywall repair.  And for the next two weekends, my son got plenty of painting practice. 

To my way of thinking, if you are going to pitch a boot and have to touch up one repaired place, you might as well repair the rest of the dings and dents and paint the whole hall. 

That, and whatever else needs to be painted.  Winking smile

He did a wonderful job!  No joke.  And had a great attitude while making things right.  Plus, I’m pretty sure his boots won’t hit the wall again anytime soon! 

The paint I picked out was white with a touch of blue/grey in it.

While my painter was busy, I cleaned our dusty hall spot lights.  bedroom hall collageI know it’s hard to see any difference, but trust me.  It is much brighter and looks worlds better.  No more scuffs, dents and handprints.  We’ll see how long it lasts.

Because I’m a true slave driver we had all the painting supplies out, I decided the garage hallway needed to be freshened up, too. 

That hall was dusty mauve when we moved in.  At the time, I painted it a neutral beige which looked some better.  But it still felt dark. 

Since we liked how the bedroom hall turned out, we decided to use the same light blue/grey.

Painting walls with high ceilings are a bit of a pain.  I hate ladders.  But using an extension rod and roller makes it SO much easier.  If you have high ceilings, I highly recommend picking up an extension pole from your local paint department.  (Wal-Mart stocks several lengths and they are very reasonable.)  I also recommend a rectangular paint pad with wall guard.  It makes cutting in go much faster.  And at those heights, that’s a good thing!  You can even put it on the extension pole, at least for certain angles.

garage hall collage

I think it made a big difference!  Don’t you?  It’s so much brighter! 

It sure is exciting what can happen when a boot hits the wall!  I can hardly wait for one of my darling boys to let something else fly!  Lol!

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Mari said...

This made me laugh! That's making lemonade out of lemons, right?
It looks really good!
We never had a home from a boot, ours came from a foot. Our kids decided to try getting up the hallway wall by pushing their arms and legs against each side, then moving up (That probably doesn't make sense... but anyway) They were figuring out a technique till Andy's foot went through the wall. We weren't home, so they had an anxious hour waiting for us to come home so they could confess.