Thursday, January 29, 2015

Why I Am So Proud Of My 73 Year Old Mom

Around Christmas, Mom started having trouble with her cable company.  Every two or three days, they would turn off her phone and cable.  Calling them got her nowhere.  So each time, my brother would have to take her and her canceled check to the regional office. 

After four frustrating trips, she switched to another service provider.  

And…added…INTERNET!  Yep.  My 73 year old mom got internet to use with her tablet.

She now has faster internet than we do!  Of course my boys are jealous.

The day after she had it installed, I called her up and talked her through how to sign into face book.  She was hesitant at first, but we got it done.  It totally makes me smile now to see her like something someone posted.

Next, I helped her install Messenger.  It was comical at times, because  her operating system is slightly different than what I have on my phone and it puts things in different places.  Plus, I was learning about Messenger right along with her!  I would ask her what she was seeing and then have to figure out where she was and what she had done.  I seriously expected her to give up.

But she didn’t!

After our very first phone lesson, she sent me this picture all by herself!

Meet Ralph, the stray kitty that has taken up residence on her porch.

Mom and RalphI can’t begin to tell you how proud I am of her!!

Since then, we’ve exchanged countless messages, videos and pictures.  It’s nice, because I can usually send messages even when I don’t have any signal to make or receive calls.

I’ve sent her soccer pictures, pictures of awards ceremonies, silly hellos and even pictures of my chickens.  Why not?  I love my girls.

Then came Words With Friends. 

It wasn’t long before she had EIGHT games going on at once with me. 

And she began NUDGING me when I took too long to play!   Haha!  

Just the other night, I got up to use the bathroom and decided to play a word in one of the games before I fell back to sleep.  Within seconds, she played right back.  Surprised that she was up, I messaged her and we were able to chat at a time she wouldn’t have dreamed of calling.  And that was nice, because I know sometimes the nights are long and lonely for her.

Earlier this week, she sent me this picture of the not-so-big-snow.  :)

Mom snow

It’s wonderful to be able to connect in this new way.  For so many older people, technology is a daunting thing.  And it certainly still is in many ways for Mom.  But she is trying new things, and I couldn’t be more proud of her. 

I guess if there is a moral to this story, it would be, don’t give up on the older people in your life!  If my mom can do this, anyone can!

And now, I need your help!

Mom has lots of the puzzle and solitaire type games.  But do any of you have any other favorite games or apps where two people can play?   

I’m getting worded-out.  ;p


Christine said...

I've never even met her and I'm proud of your mom!
We helped my husband's mom get on Facebook. Every once in a while we would see an update like "Peggy started classes at case western reserve" or "Peggy joined the Boardman marching band". Hilarious. And she has no idea how she did it. She gave up posting and just reads now. :)
The biggest benefit about technology is the ability it gives us to keep in touch with relatives.
As for kids really like trivia crack. You play each other, answering trivia questions.

Raise Them Up said...

Maaan. My guys like that one, too. Only, they stopped asking for my help early on. I am the quintessential cottonheadedninnymugggin when it comes to trivia. Don't you have any other ideas? Mom is already killing me on Words With Friends and I'm not sure my self-respect can take much more, lol!

Mari said...

I am so impressed! Bob's Mom is 84 and she's on FB, but just enough to read. That's better than nothing though!

Elsie the Cow said...

Your Mom is fantastic! Haha! My nephew and sister got my mom a laptop and she emails people. Can't talk her into FB yet. One time when my sister was visiting and they were playing a game of scrabble, my sister was taking too long on her turn so mom was playing majong on the laptop while she waited! lol I don't know of any good games, sorry.