Thursday, September 12, 2013

Balloon Fest and Update on Dad

Saturday evening, we went to see my oldest boys play their last game of a two-day soccer tournament.  On the way down, we saw three hot air balloons.  They were just little grey dots off in the distance.

As we got closer to the tournament, we saw more two more balloons which seemed to be coming down.

And then all of a sudden the back seat exploded…  “Mom!  I just saw a dinosaur head!!  And a great big guy with a hat!  Right THERE!  Behind those trees!” 

Sure enough, right behind the park where my older two were playing soccer, there was a whole field of hot air balloons, in all shapes and sizes.  How cool is that??

These two were my favorite.  I LOVED the scarecrow!  The picture doesn’t do him justice at all.  He was stunningly beautiful.


Behind the scarecrow was a giant red, white and blue balloon named Rocket Man.  He was still being inflated.

We parked just outside the second gate to watch them for a little bit.

While we were there, one balloon took off.  And another balloon appeared to be coming down in the back yard of a house behind us.  We thought he was going to crash into the trees!


But he fired up the burner, cleared the trees, and floated almost right over us to make a perfect landing not far from the rest of the balloons.  It was really neat to watch.

We arrived at the soccer game a little late.  And sadly, we couldn’t see the balloons from the actual playing field.  

But afterwards, my oldest son told us how distracting it had been the night before.  They were playing soccer when a balloon floated right over their heads and fired up its burner, lol!  I can’t imagine!  It must have been crazy hard not to stop and stare up at it!

The boys won that last game, btw.  They had been paired with three of the best teams in the state and were expected to lose all three games.  I’m glad we got to see their win and celebrate with them.  We were really proud of the team!


Prayers for Dad

Doctors approved the esophageal stint for Dad and the procedure is set to take place Monday morning.  Mom had to call hospice and ask for Dad to be removed from their services in order for his insurance to cover it.  It’s such a crazy hoop to jump through.  But, we’re hopeful the stint will help.  Please pray with us that it goes smoothly with no complications!


Christine said...

Ah! I have only been up close to hot air balloons once, and I loved it. I really want to go to one of those launches early in the morning, when it is still dark. I imagine it is quite pretty.
Which tournament was it?

Prayers for your mom and dad and their doctors/nurses/caregivers.

Mari said...

We had a hot air balloon land in a field near us several years ago. So cool! I love the scarecrow too - they're getting very creative.
Glad your Dad was approved. I'll be praying for him, and all involved.