Friday, May 3, 2013

Playing Catch Up!

Oh my goodness!  How can the weeks go by so fast??  I really hate to neglect this space.  Yet, sometimes, it just can’t be helped.  Can you relate?  Anybody?  Please tell me I’m not alone!

I think the best way to catch you up is to jump in with some fun pictures of the past few weeks.

My little guy is loving soccer.  Of course! :) Aaron and keeper

He is part of a young team of (barely) 7 and eight years olds playing against very experienced 9 and 10 year olds.  So they lose more than they win.  But they have won a few, and are learning so much! 

This picture of my son and his buddy cracks me up. DSC_0194

They usually ALL look like poster boys for a TIDE commercial.  But this time, my little guy was showing me how clean he was compared to his friend.  Can you say muddy wet spring??  Lol!

Watching them on the bench is just as much fun as watching them play!  Four BuddiesDon’t know what they were so intently talking about over there.  Maybe a dare to make a Mohawk??  Because the next minute I looked, this is what I saw, lol!sideline fun

My older guys have spent a bunch of time on the sidelines developing a new respect for the time their mom and dad have given to games.  It’s nice to have their company as their schedules permit. 

This was one of those rare games where my oldest got to watch with a friend who’s sister was playing two fields over. 


I’ve only gotten to see 15 minutes of his playing this year.  With three schedules to juggle, the older two often have to go with my husband or find a ride with a friend.

Here’s a picture of my middle man at one of his games, courtesy of another parent.  middle man 4Tonight, I will actually get to see one of his games.  And tomorrow, I get to see both older boys play in their games!  Yeah! 

So there you have some soccer tidbits.

In other news…

  • My youngest is getting baptized on Sunday night!  He’s very excited.  Hopefully, I’ll have some pictures to share with you next week!
  • My middle man will turn 14 on Sunday.  It’s a big day, as you can see!
  • My dad is still recovering from his second round of chemo.  He developed a painful infection, and he is struggling with whether to go on with the chemo.  Please keep him in prayer.  It’s so tough.  And tough too, that Mom and Dad will miss the baptism and celebration on Sunday.  I wish so much that things were different.

Although there is more I want to write, that’s all I have time for at the moment. Tonight, after the game, I will be watching a movie with my family.  It’s one I have really been looking forward to seeing.  PLUS, I get to give a copy of it away!  So be sure to stop back and enter the giveaway.  Some of the big names in the film are…Casting Crowns, Steven Curtis Chapman, Matthew West, Rick Sutcliffe, and John Kruk!  I hope to get the review posted late tonight or tomorrow.

Thanks for being such a patient and supportive bunch of friends!  I’ve missed visiting with you all!  Just as soon as my insane soccer schedule eases up, I’ll be back on your doorstep.  :)


Mari said...

I love the pictures! Looks like you've been so busy though.
Hooray for the baptism! My first thought on reading that was your Dad though. Those big things in life are so hard when someone is missing. I've been praying for him and all of you.

in the coop said...

I think the boys like muddy soccer games most of all. :) Great photos!
So happy for your little boy and his baptism. It's a big day!

I haven't stopped praying for all of you.

Christina said...

Oh, yes! Totally identify with having so much to say and so little time to say it. :) I've been such a fits-and-starts blogger lately.

It's good to get a peek into your weeks. I hope you have a lovely soccer-filled day today, and I'll be praying for your parents.