Thursday, March 14, 2013

Gearing Up For Spring

P5050898My crocuses have been blooming for weeks. In spite of yesterday’s blustery snow showers, everything is gearing up for spring. 

Tonight is the last indoor (soccer) training session.  And Sunday, after our final four games, we say goodbye to the nice, WARM, dry gym.  Sigh.

Starting next week, the boys get some grass under their feet! 

And my car will once again become a traveling store room/cafeteria, stocked with crackers, plastic bags, umbrellas, sleeping bags, hats, gloves, coats, extra socks, shin guards and newspapers for stinky muddy cleats. 

It’s my least favorite part of travel ball.

My two oldest will play on different teams this year.  And my youngest will play, as well.  It will definitely test my juggling skills.

Let’s see…One boy each on three different teams equals…6 total practices on two different fields at four different times, plus 6 different games at 6 different fields in a 60 mile radius (if I’m lucky). 

I know.  I’m nuts.  Make that Nuts with a capital N.

I’m not looking forward to the crazy schedule.

But I AM looking forward to…

  • The sun warming up.
  • The grass turning green.
  • The daffodils blooming.
  • The tree buds swelling.
  • Walking again with my friends.
  • And the boys taking their energy (and soccer balls) OUTSIDE!  WOOHOOO!  No more constant thudding bouncing balls ricocheting off of every wall in the house!!!!


When I think of those things, I’m ready.  :) 

An added blessing is that I met a sweet Christian Mom from my youngest son’s new team.  I’m looking forward to getting to know her more at his games. 

Don’t get me wrong.  I always (well, most of the time) have fun at the games talking to whomever I happen to plunk my chair down next to.  But it’s especially nice to share time with someone who has a similar view of the game.  That is… that the ultimate goal for the kids is not to put the ball in the back of the net.  But rather to have fun, work together, exercise good sportsmanship, and build Godly character. DSC_0174 What parts of spring are you looking forward to?


in the coop said...

We start outdoors on Monday, too.
Let the fun begin! :)
I need to get the van cleaned out so we can load it up with our soccer game gear. It will be a busy one for us, too. I hope we run into you out on the field one day!
Our crocus just bloomed a few days ago. Makes me jump for joy.

Mari said...

No crocuses here yet - our yard is covered in snow!
Glad you have someone similar to talk to and get to know - that's a nice side benefit. It sounds crazy busy and you'll need those little breaks.
I'm just looking forward to warmer weather. I'm sick of being cold.