Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Little Family Update and Prayer Request

I’ve been avoiding sharing this with you for several weeks now.  Mostly because it involves thinking about things and typing at the same time.  And for the last few weeks, I couldn’t do that without tears clouding my vision.

Several weeks ago, my dad was diagnosed with advanced esophageal cancer.  Initially diagnosed as an ulcer, the news got progressively worse with each new test. Mom and Dad 3

I took this picture in October when Mom and Dad were out for a visit.  It is SO dad.  Camera in hand.  Cracking jokes with the boys over the funny faces they keep making.  

This is him, getting a laugh over the picture he asked me to take of them with the boys.  Behind the couch, my oldest had snuck a gorilla mask onto his head.  DSC_0090

Can you tell this crew is related?  :) Getting a nice picture is next to impossible!  :)DSC_0078

At this point, he is looking at chemo to start with, and hopefully surgery later on. 

I have to tell you friends, my heart crumbled when I heard the tears in my parents’ voices.  Living nearly 13 hours away stinks at times like this. 

Yet God is good.  I can see His love and care in the details He has provided for thus far. 

  • Like the family friend in Pennsylvania who skipped work (several times) to take Mom and Dad to appointments and tests.  There was no way they could drive an hour and a half into the heart of Philadelphia on their own.
  • And like the surgeon agreeing to work it out so that Dad can have his chemo at a hospital much closer to their home.
  • And like friends here in Indiana offering to do whatever it takes to watch the boys if I need to go east.
  • Or like the timing of the book I am currently reading for a review.  It is speaking truth to my struggling heart and giving me new eyes for difficult things.  I’m so glad I’ll be able to share a copy with one of you later in the month.

Dad meets with the surgeon Tuesday afternoon to discuss the details of his case, and map out the treatment plan.  I would so appreciate your prayers for our family.

Pray that God continues to attend to all the little details so that Mom can focus on taking care of Dad.  Pray for peace for all of us, that the cancer responds well to the treatment, and that Dad stays healthy through this flu season.

I appreciate you all so much!  I’ll keep you posted.


Christina said...

<3 Praying for you, friend.

Kim @ Homesteader's Heart said...

My friend you have my prayers. I know that must be hard. I'm struggling with a little something myself but that's a whole nother story.

Mari said...

Your Dad reminds me so much of my Dad - lots of goofing off and laughter. I'll certainly be praying for him.

in the coop said...

I'm praying for all of you.

It Feels Like Chaos said...

So hard! I'm saying prayers for all of you.